We were recently at CSA - 18th April for 4 nights and it was our first time to Jamaica and the Caribbean.

I will post a full review on TA - and it was all good - good room, good people, good service and amazing beach and sea.

But just incase they are on here - know its unlikely - but whilst there on my first day I burnt terrible. Being quite pale, I though factor 30 sunscreen - reapplied often and with going in and out of the sun - I would be OK. I think I forgot the time and how I should be careful the first day - but within 3 hours I had really burnt my back, legs and arms.

Now the reason for my post - the most lovely and friendly people who sat next to us in the shade for 2 days. One couple from America I think and the other from Canada - they asked how I was, offered my painkillers as I could not find any and gave advice about the aloe gel in the room I had not seen.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated their thoughts and they were such lovely people. so from a UK (now OK but then red raw) Jamaican newbie - thank you. Also thanks to the guy on the sports desk who gave me pure aloe gel from the plant to put on it.

Your stars!