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    Default CN Occupancy Levels during the American Thanksgiving

    We are considering traveling to CN at the end of November this year. Just wondering what affect that the American Thanksgiving has on the occupancy levels at CN?

    Does it go from lower levels to full capacity during the week before or the week of Thanksgiving?

    Do they serve Jerk Turkey at the grill?

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    Ruminiscing....we were there last year for our first trip and it was during Thanksgiving. Resort was no where near capacity, or at least didn't seem to be. Nice crowd but not too much. I don't remember jerk turkey, but I think they did have turkey in some restaurants. We ate at Otaheite on Thanksgiving and had some wonderful food (steak for me and salmon for my DH). But I wouldn't order turkey anyways, so I probably wouldn't notice it. It's a GREAT time to be there though because the weather was absolutely beautiful that week.

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    We've been the week before Thanksgiving and it was not crowded, but then the way CN is built and the number of rooms they have it is never crowded.

    I do think the holiday 'crowd' doesn't occur until the week of Christmas/New Year's. Then they are at full capacity.
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    November is still the end of Hurricane and the "off" season, so the crowds shouldn't be a problem. Occupancy ( and rates ) pick up mid-December

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