I honestly don'y know where to start except at the beginning. The vacation as a whole was extrodinarily fantastic. We arrived at the airport to no lines or waits within 15 min of deplaning we were at Couples Lounge greeted warmly and offered a drink. With in 15 min we on the bus and on our way to the resort and were there by noon.

Check in was painless and easy and as our room was ready were brought directly there. We started our trip in the Pavarotti Suite. It was a beautiful room with two bedrooms, 2 baths and a kitchenette only thinbg lacking there was a stove. The only thing we didn't like the about the room was to much foliage and not a very good view of anything but trees and one very small section of beach.

We did end up down grading to a one bedroom beach front suite which suited us better especially due to my knee and back issues. Couples was very gracious about the request and it was done painlessly and quickly and we settled in nicely.

The food and service was undiscribable. I was never dissapointed at any meal.

The grounds here are so full of life, whether it be the guest, staff, animals or plant life. This was truely a tropical paradise!!!!

There were only two issue that came up, one was the stairs which got corrected when we moved and used the shuttle to get to the top. The other was our visit to CTI. We went for the one day both hoping that we would miss our old home and wanted to cry when we got there. It was not the resort we new and remembered and we quickly wanted to leave. In our opinion they wasted the money on the refab. The only thing Jamaican in our eyes were the staff. The lobby is no longer bright and sunny with plants and statues it is a modern over powering blue that took away from the tropical feel of the place. You can get the same thing at a beachfront hotel here in the states.

The check out process I can't say was painless but only because we didn't want leave lol.

I want to say thank you to all the staff that made our trip special and as there are so many I will name them in groups. First and foremost was the entertainment staff, always there to brighten your day. The next grounds crew in our eyes one of the most important groups that go unseen and with out them the property would not look so great. Then of course the dive crew who kept my husband busy and me time to relax. All the staff that if you take time to get to know them are wonderful and we are anxious to see them again.

San Souci has won our hearts hands down and we have already booked for next year