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    Default Luggage on Delta

    Has anyone recently flown on Delta to Jamaica? I am trying to figure out if we need to pay for our baggage and I get different answers every time I call. Last time I called she said she did not know but looked it up and said each person gets two free bags up to 50 pounds each. Does anyone know if this is accurate info? I want to make sure to pack accordingly.

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    Default luggage on delta

    We flew delta march 6-13 to CN. we were allowed 2 bags each at 50 lbs. Looks like any international flight that is what is allowed

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    We fly on Delta everytime we go to Jamaica and yes the bags are free, because it is a international flight. At least they were when we went in Feb. We take one bag each, so I'm not sure about the second bag being free also. I do know the limit is 50 lbs per bag and they are very strict on this. It is very expensive if the bag is over the 50 lb limit.

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    You will be allowed two checked bags each for free, 50 lbs or less.

    Here is the verbiage from Delta's website:
    For all other international flights:
    You may check up to two bags that meet our size & weight restrictions at no extra charge when traveling internationally to or from most destinations outside of the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
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    Thank you. That is what she told me she just seemed so unsure it was the correct answer. Thank you for confirming.

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    We flew Delta April 17-24th. We each only checked 1 bag on the flight down at no cost, but I had to check 2 on the way home (bought too muchloL!) and they did not charge me anything.

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    Yup I have used Delta seveal times to Jamaica and bags fly free. I bring a luggage scale I got at target for $9.00 To make sure all my bags coming home dont go over. (I like to shop) Last year the couple in front of us had a bag that was overweight on Delta and they had to pay $90.00! OUCH!!

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    Have a look on the Delta web site , it will be there.

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    We're booked through Delta for our June 1 - June15 trip. I called Delta because their site's kinda confusing. They did say you're allowed 2 bags for each traveller at no cost. I've also googled this, and found that SOME people are still being charged. We're going prepared to pay, and if we do have to, we'll email corporate after we get back.

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    That is correct. Just traveled back from CSA/CSS on April 17th and Delta allowed each person to check 2 bags, under 50#, at no cost.

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    We flew Delta in February, from Newark to Jamaica, with a stopover in Atlanta. Each passenger is allowed 2 checked bags (50 lbs. and under) for free - plus carry on.

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    Here's a link to the Delta Checked Baggage guidelines page.

    "You may check up to two bags that meet our size & weight restrictions at no extra charge when traveling internationally to or from most destinations outside of the U.S., Canada, and Europe."
    and then going to their "size & weight restrictions" page it says, "To avoid extra charges for oversize or overweight baggage, your checked bag must: Weigh 50 pounds (23 kg) or less.
    Not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) when you total length+width+height."

    Hope this helps.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    info above is correct - we returned home today from CTI via Delta with 2 checked bags each at no additional charge.

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    We were allowed 2 bags at 50 lbs each the last couple of years (since they started charging for bags). I checked the web site out when we booked our flights for our trip in December, and according to it, they still have the 2 free bags each on international flights.

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    Here is where I get confused. I read Delta's site, so I know that International flights get 2 free bags per person. However, Im flying from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Jamaica. Will I need to pay on the domestic portion of the trip, or is it free because the final destination is international?

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    Hi wen!!

    We are going this wednesday on Delta from pittsburgh to atlanta then to mbj. I will let you know if/what we get charged!! We are planning one carry on each and one checked bag each. Also going to CSA for the first time so I am looking forward to it!!!


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    For luggage purposes, your destination is all that matters... not your connections. No problem, mon... 2 bags, under 50# (THAT'S a LOT for one person, unless you're staying a while).

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    Flew Delta in Apr. 2 bags free per person up to 50 lbs. Anything over $125. One of our bags was 4 lbs over, the other was 10 lbs under. At first they said if we didn't want to pay we could shuffle our things around and get at the end of the longggggg line again! I replied "Are you kidding me!". They let us slide. Phew!!

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    We flew Delta last month. DFW then a layover in Memphis, then on to MBJ. No charge for baggage since our final destination was international. But I packed some rum in my bag for my flight home and knew it would be over the 50lb limit. We got to the airport in Mobay and a Delta employee announced to all of us in line that any bag over the weight limit would be charged a $150 fee. Yikes! I went and got my bag weighed and sure enough; it weighed 63lbs! We had to buy a bag at the airport for $35 and I had to open my lugguge in the middle of the airport and move some things to the other bag. Granted, $35 isn't cheap, but it sure beat the $150 bagage fee.

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    Tangles, that couple may have been us! We got hit with an overweight fee, but when we got home, we explained that they had already taken our second bag, which was very light, and thus we did not have the option of moving things around. They were quite nice about it and gave us a voucher for the full amount.

    It's a bit of a racket, since we could have bought the same alcohol (which is what put us over the limit) in duty free and carried it on with no charge, but I suppose it's their prerogative (and quite likely could be a union rule for handler safety).

    So I guess the lesson I learned from it all is that it's probably best to purchase the alcohol in duty-free and save any gift shop credits you may have for lighter items.

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    If I remember correctly, there is a scale in the exercise room at CTI. Probably one in all the gyms. Something definitely worth looking into. I remember this coming up last year or the year before and I thought they were going to make sure scales were available at the resort.

    We were also told two years by Delta in MoBay that is we wanted to swap things out we could but then go to the end of the line. At that time it was only $25 so we paid and moved on as there was not time to go the end of the line and then through security. Little did we know our flight was going to end up being delayed an hour and half.

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