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    Default We are here and its wonderful!

    I have many things I will write about upon the return next week but for now want to say a few things:

    First and foremost "thumbs up" all around. What you are trying to do is working..Its evident in all I see and how I am feeling here at this resort (and I know will be the same at your others)... Thank you.

    The same experience for different people will be different each time.

    Nothing is perfect - it wouldnt be reality if it were ( not even a delusional person putting themselves in an illusional scenario will have a perfect illusion) - trust me I have been trying to do that for years and its good for me BUT never perfect (LOLOLOL).

    Couples Swept Away is amazing. We have most of our vacation ahead of us still and are looking forward to each day and each experience.

    I am taking tons of pics and will be making a review. We will be checking out CN for the trading places on Friday, we are going to experience all the resort has to offer and the spa as well.

    Peace out,
    Francine & Joe...
    Live from CSA

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    Have enough fun for me!!!!!!!

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    Have a great vacation Francine and have a rum punch for Razzl! Yum!

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    Default excellent!

    we are still here and loving every minute of this trip -- we have met the best people and we have decided and hold firm we have found our jamaican home.

    when your toughest decision each day is where to eat and what to drink and what if anything you want to do ... well....ahhhhhhh

    "life is good"...

    Peace out,

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    Glad you're having a wonderful time. Drink something with rum cream for me!

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    Nice! We love CSA... she's our home away from hom too. Razzl

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    love it!!!

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    Francine..I have to disagree with you!

    CTI is Perfect! We were there from April 30th until May 7th..and we will never be the same. We were married on the beach May 3rd. That was our first visit to Jamaica ever. We were so impressed at how perfect everything was..all the time, the people there work so hard to make it that way for us....PERFECT!
    I will never forget the way they made everything so special , from the flowers tucked between our pillows, to the men raking and sifting the whole beach from end to end, EVERY day..just so we could have a perfect beach.

    Our meals were all 5 star, I felt like I was a judge on the Food network..I even took pic's of all my meals, lol.

    Couples Tower Island was first class...PERFECT!
    We will be back, as Arnold would say :-)

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