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    Default stacy clark photography

    hey all
    i am seeing some very nice pictures including a video of stills from stacy clark...can anyone fill me in on pricing and hours for her...thank you, we will very much appreciate th feed back

    ann & kurt

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    I used Stacey Clarke and for 2 hours my price was about I had to pay half the 500.00 vendor fee to the resort. Stacey paid the other half to the resort.

    Her prices and information may have changed so I would advise you to email her and ask her to send you a price a sheet.

    She is wonderful work with and I'm sure she will work with you on a package if you don't find what you are looking for on her list.


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    I don't recall the rates right off but you can email her at or go to

    When we were looking for photographers we emailed her and got a response very quickly. She had all of the prices with details listed in a document. I really like her pics as well. By chance have you checked out Misha Earle? We were having a hard time deciding between the two.

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    Default stacy clark / diana campbell

    does anyone have the email addresses for these two ... ?
    they seem to be the ones that most of you have gone with, and if we were going to pay the resort $650 for the package we wanted, maybe it would be a good idea for me to look into these a bit more .... especially because we DO want a dvd of our ceremony and we also would like a slide show of more than just 36 pictures, afterall ... we do intend on doing this only ONE time .... !!!
    thank you ....

    ann & kurt

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    Default is Diana Campbell is Stacey

    Good luck! I decided to go with an outside photographer.

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    Default i have not heard back from diana campbell yet...but stacy clark is not cheap .... 2 hours @ 1195 .... + half of the resort fee ... = almost 1500 .... it mentions something about monday - thursday ... we are getting married on a saturday, so i wonder if that would be more expensive or if she does it at all, and then under the 2 hours it says nothing about how many pictures you get, if a slideshow is included, or a dvd of the wedding....
    we knew it would be a bit more expensive than the resort, but, geez, a little more info would be helpful .....

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