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    Default Need motivation to just do it..

    Background - My wife and I have are both 26 and have been married for almost 5 years. We really need a get away to focus on each other and get into the romantic mood.

    We started by researching sandals. We really were gonna do it until I did more deep research and found loads of very bad reviews and also found out about Couples this way.

    Our problem is spending 4-6k on a trip is really hard to do because you're hoping everything is perfect. We are weighing another trip to florida for 1k or a plunge into couples for who knows how much.

    How did you guys just do it for the first time and not have thoughts about what if it turns out bad?

    We just want a relaxing vacation where we can drink wine and eat all we want. Our age doesn't mean we want a party atomsphere at all. We just want it to be easy.

    We look at all the photos and some are amazing and some just look like being in florida or something. I =(

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    I don't know what your financial situation is like, but I suspect from your comments that you feel a visit to Jamaica and Couples is a risk you are hesitant to take.

    I would recommend waiting a year and see how you feel about such a trip. Don't feel bad; it IS a big decision... we weren't able to do it until we were well past your age (we were about 40)... kids and a mortgage, and all that. And let's face it... a solid financial footing makes everything else (including romance) a bit easier.

    Good luck on your decision!

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    We started the same way with Sandals then went with CSA. We were 25 when we went the first time. It is way cooler than Florida! I would figure out which room and resort you want and then find a good sale. If you book for 2011 right now you can get some really great rates. You have until 45 days before you leave to cancel without penalty. We went with the Atrium suite at CSA and it was great! I don't think there is a bad room in that category. I didn't really have a problem booking it because I really wanted to go! lol

    We went back a few weeks ago for our honeymoon and booked another Atrium suite for Oct. My 30th birthday is 10-10-10 and they had a great sale for the anniversary week so it will be like a huge birthday party for me! Ok maybe not but it will be a fun party and I will be there.
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    We're a couple in our 20's as well and I understand your hesitation. A few things to put your mind at ease:

    1. Couples is 100% refundable until 45 days before your trip... meaning you have that whole time where, if something comes up or you do more research and decide it really isn't for you, you can change your mind and get everything back (even your deposit!)

    2. You can purchase travel insurance and then you can cancel for any reason even up to the day of your trip and STILL get your money back.

    3. I noticed you said 4k-6k... you don't have to spend anywhere near that much. My SO and I just went to CSS for about 2k including airfare. If money is an issue, book a lower room category and shop for plane tickets early, or book together and save even more!

    4. As far as being worried about the value of the trip... All I can say is after having been once, we realized that our trip to Couples together was truely priceless. That time in paradise with my best friend and love is some of the most important time of my life, and I look back on it and am so glad we did it. There was a time we actually considered cancelling due to outside circumstances and I am SO SO glad we just went for it... it was a priceless trip. I can't wait for our next one!

    So as you can probably gather, my vote is GO AND HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!!! you won't regret it. =)

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    Just do it! My husband and I first visited Couples on our honeymoon in 2007 when we were both 25. We paid for our wedding and honeymoon entirely by ourselves and we didn't make a lot of money. So although we were on a strict budget when looking at honeymoon destinations, we felt in our guts that Couples was worth the splurge and we were right! We only stayed for 5 nights on our honeymoon because of our finances - but it felt longer and we have been lucky enough to stay for longer periods on our 3 subsequent trips (including one coming up May 8-15 - woohoo!).

    One thing that helps is the loveaway plan, where you put down a small amount and the rest isn't due until something like 45 days before your trip. Many travel agents offer similar plans. This way, you pay or save up little by little which helps your trip fit into your budget. My husband and I will eat out less, bring our lunches to work, go out to the movies less, and make other sacrifices just so we can afford our trips, which are a priority for us.

    Although the beaches in Florida are beautiful, the romantic, laid-back atmosphere at Couples and the Jamaican people are worth the extra expense (although Florida isn't that cheap). Plus, having no kids around is worth a lot to me. Truly, once you go, you know.

    I also want to mention that for our longest trip, which was 8 nights, we paid far less than $4K but we've always gone in the off-season. Couples has special deals every Wednesday in addition to their already discounted rates. Also, watch airline prices carefully and buy as soon they go down to something you can afford.

    So my advice is, unequivocally, DO IT!

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    Money is an issue for most of us. I assume at 4-6k you plan on staying a while. We can only afford a 5 day vacation so not quite so much but it is away for work and the kids. We waited 21 years after our honeymoon to take a her/me vacation but once we decided to do "something" about that, it was save here,save there whenever possbile. As far as turning out bad...that can happen on any vacation.

    You have done some research which is good. Couples is the place to re-connect and sometime is life you just have to say "what the hell, let's go for it".

    We are heading back to CTI in 20 days and I know all will be good.

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    I'm not sure how you would spend 4k - 6k unless you were staying for 2-3 weeks or you are looking at a high room category. If you are so concerned about the money I'd suggest either staying less time or reducing your room category.

    Unlike the "S" resort, Couples is not a class system. It doesn't matter which room you book, everyone still gets the same excellent service and is treated equally.

    We like to go for 10 days to 2 weeks and book the lowest category. This saves us money and allows us to stay more days. No need for a high category room as most of the time you are out on the beach or at the pool, not in your room.

    The other thing is to look at the reviews and hang out on this board. See all the repeaters. A resort has to be fantastic to have SO many loyal fans.

    We've been to Couples 7 times and are booked for two more trips and are looking at a 3rd trip. We could go elsewhere, but why? Couples is so gosh darn good that we have no desire go elsewhere, plus it is so relaxing and romantic. We get both our love engines and our spirit recharged while we are at Couples.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    My husband and I have been to Couples Negril and Couples Tower Isle. We feel in love with both of them. We prefer Couples Tower Isle. We love the Island. Just book it on the LoveAway Plan and be done with it. You will have no regrets I promise. Once you go, you'll know.

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    We just got back from our 1st trip to Couples CN or Jamaica for that matter. We've been to other AI trips and some trips where it's pay as you go.

    When getting ready to choose back in January, I was looking at a cheaper resort (i.e. $3K total for the week) and my wife said it was my bday so to splurge a little. Our week long trip to CN came to $4200. And I'll say it's the best vacation we've every had.

    The additional services you would pay for at other AI's will quickly increase your total vacation budget so you most likely will be at around $4K once you're done anyway. Transportation, equipment rentals, golf, snorkelling, windsurfing, sailing, tennis,etc are all included at Couples CN.

    I remember our last AI to Cancun. Every time we wanted to do something else at the resort there was a charge..$40 for this, $20 for that. It all adds up thru the week. We even had to take our own taxi back to the airport on that trip at a charge of about $70.

    Go for a Couples'll never question whether the price outweighed the value.

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    Default Go for it

    We did the same thing (we are in our 40's) - wetalked about for two years and finally one day my husband said maybe we should just go for it -

    Well started looking around for airfare and found $300 RT from the west coast and said this is our sign...

    We have been three times in the last two years and the fourth trip is all booked.....

    Have a great time!

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    Make sure you compare apples to apples when looking at vacations. You could easily spend upwards of 4k in florida if you were to eat 3-4 meals a day with drinks all the time plus the other inclusions like transport to and from the airport. It is an investment and for me it was tough as I really like tangibles I dont like to spend money and not have something to show for it and for the longest time that is how I felt about vacationing like 4k can buy me a used boat or ____? SO I wrestled with it for the longest time, then on my 10 year anniversary with my wife we decided to take a vacation chose couples, it was 3200 or so for a week. Went and now we go every year, like everyone else we have to prioritize where we spend our money and allocate a special fund for CSA. The love away plan is an awesome way to pay for the trip for as little as 100 down plus insurance (Which I recommend) you can have your room booked and locked in at that price. Well worth the money and you will get to have the time you desire with your SO.

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    Do It. I'm not sure why you think it's going to cost so much. There are always special offers on. We have never paid that much and we stay from 10-14 days at a time. Try looking at differeent times of the year, the price varies quite a bit. Once you go you'll know.

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    Wow, those were some wonderful comments above. Please allow me to break it down another way:

    Say you stay in a room that's $350 per day. That included breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and top shelf alcohol for two people per day. That also includes: snorkeling, SCUBA, Dunn's River Falls (for CSS & CTI), and many other water sports. After all the food and activity prices are taken into account, all that leaves is a smaller amount which would be the price for your room.

    My husband & I were just married (both in our mid-30's) in March at CTI and when we were researching resorts, the above reasoning is how we decided to go all inclusive. We chose Couples because the other resorts seemed too big, too crowded, too advertised. We absolutely loved CTI. We had a fantastic time in paradise. We decided to go back this December, but to CSS.

    When adding up the total for your stay, keep in mind of the different room categories and time of year you will be staying. Mid-August through December 25 is their "off-season" that's the cheapest time to stay there.

    You will never regret going to Jamaica!!!!

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    Wrenny, you are thinking too much about this trip! I understand that u want it to b nice and romantic. I don't know how long u r planning on staying but, my husband & I r booked for 8dys and 7nghts and we didn't spend anywhere near $4K for our trip. The S resort cost that much and some. Secondly, a vacation is what u make of it. There r no guarantees on vacation, no matter how much money u spend. You can spend $1K to go to Florida and still b disappointed. Having been to the S resort and booked with Couples for the first time, is that each resort is different. I am convinced that I will enjoy Couples for another reason. No, I will not have a person waiting on me hand & foot but, I like what Couples has to offer and I think I will like it all the same. I say book with Couples for the first time as I did and enjoy. Don't over think it because it's vacation. Your main goal is to spend time and enjoy your wife. Couples will definitely help u with that.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I'm still deciding and lurking.

    I want a beach front room where I can just walk straight out into the beautiful beach and stuff like that. Where I can relax in the bed hearing the waves right outside.

    I thought when I did a book/quote on here it was around 4600 for 7 days with airfare.

    Should I not go through the web site and go through travel agents instead? It seems like both travel agencies I went to try to pick the resort they like the best and not the ones we want.

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    wrenny -

    That sounds about right with air for 7 nites in a BFVS at SweptAway... but a word of advice when dealing with your TA...

    YOU are the customer. Don't let them forget that. Tell them what you want, and if you don't like the price, try a couple of on-line sites, or check out air direct with the airline that provides you the best in schedule and price. Many airlines also offer to book your stay at your resort of choice, and have competitive prices.

    Good luck!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I think the op is coming from the UK which is why the cost is so much more for us. Flights to Florida for my family are about £5k (approx $7.5k) and that's before you even start to add in villas, food etc. So its really expensive for us.

    The same for the Carribean, a lot of our cost is the flight.

    However, for us I just happened to mention as a joke to my mum that we were thinking of asking her to move in for a week so me and hubby could have a week away together, she thought about it for 10 seconds and then said ok.

    Within a week I had researched and booked it.

    Intitally I was looking at a European holiday but I knew I wanted something exotic and no kids. The other thing against us is that our youngest is in Year 5 so he will be choosing his secondary school in October so lots of meetings at schools. We couldn't go in September as Mu,'s partner's daughter might be getting married in Sep (note might) and as you know the season pretty much finishes in Oct.

    I hadn't initially wanted to do long haul but then I figured the fist and last day is pretty much broken up with travelling so that was it, Couples was it.

    The other thing for us is that our youngest is 10, my mum is 73, we won't get this opportunity again. So we just went for it.

    You should be able to get a week for less than £3k, you could get the penthouse for just over £3k. Check out Virgin (Do you shop in Tesco?)

    However, the direct price is also good and they use either Virgin or BA for flights.

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    Default spending 4-6k on a trip ....

    Wrenny - We had a similar issue ourselves when considering booking for the first time. For 8 nights at CN, the cost was approx. $4,200 for the both of us. We have been to other AI's and this was the most we've ever spent. We returned from CN on March 7th and IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY and more in my humble opinion.

    Regarding your comments: We just want a relaxing vacation where we can drink wine and eat all we want. Our age doesn't mean we want a party atomsphere at all. We just want it to be easy. We look at all the photos and some are amazing and some just look like being in florida or something. I =(

    You will get all of this and MORE...once you go, you'll know! It's a combination of the people who work for the resort, the people who visit, the food & drink, the activities available w/the included price, the romance this resort promotes, the ambiance, etc. but just know that it's an overall excellent COUPLES only experience. We've never felt like this about any other AI resort we've been to.

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    wrenny - I'm super happy with my travel agent - email if you need a recommendation.

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    wrenny, the first time we went to Couples, I did the research before I called my TA. I had a price noted from a couple of different web sites. I called my TA let her know I had done some research, and told her, "We want to go to Couples (resort), (room category), during (days). What sort of price can you get for me." She checked it out, and came back with a price between the top and bottom prices I had. They were all within $50 of each other. I decided to go through her because if anything happened, she would be there to help. We had booked a couple of cruises through her, and I trusted her. That is the key. Decide what you want, and if you decide to use a TA, be sure you trust her/him. I am not sure what you are looking at for 1K in Florida, but I am assuming it doesn't include all you can eat, and all the liquer or soda you can drink. Those will add up quickly. In the research I did, Couples seemed to be the best bang for the buck, the service is great, and the atmospher is the most romantic to boot.

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    Wrenny, my fiance and I are having the same dilemma as you so I feel your pain! I have no idea how people can do a week at couples for 2k, because then I would have no reservations.

    I really really want to go to CSA for our honeymoon, I have looked into so many other places and I keep coming back to Couples. But for a week in an Atrium suite in December (so almost lowest room, and low season) its going to be $4100 CDN from Toronto and thats with one free flight! Ouch. And 5 months after our wedding, so we won't even get the honeymoon perks.

    I look into Disney, and other AI resorts, and cruises...and we could do a week with food for about $1200-$1500 less. But I just can't get Couples off my mind, so I may compromise and book one of the Ocho Rios resorts (probably CSS) which tend to be cheaper. But then will I be disappointed, because my heart wants so badly to go to CSA?

    Tough decision...but a good one to have

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    OK So I'll be the Killjoy....for many Americans we're still in the throes of a recession....And given what's cookin' with Greece and the Euro, I'm thinking our European brethren might be in a similar situation....Sure, things are looking up, but for those of us who work on straight commission or who are in jobs that are influenced by market fluctuations, a vacation abroad might be a great thrill, but maybe not a great reality right now....I'd say look at your own bank account and financial situation - why would you listen to people on a message board (who obviously love Couples), when really what it's all about is what can you and your loved one afford, not only now, but if you're putting this on credit cards, can you afford whatever the interest is if you don't pay it all off at once?? Do you have a mortgage? Do you want one? Do you have kids? Do you want them?

    People might say live for now, but some of us have had to learn over the last few years what that "live for now, pay later" philosophy can do to the credit rating....

    Do what makes the most sense for your're still young - if it doesn't work out for you this year, you still have next....and if you need to recharge your batteries, how about something closer to home???? Those of us who've been in long term relationships know how much fun it is to experinece those "lean times" together - it makes for great stories and great memories....

    Love and happiness whatever what you choose....

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    Well my fiance and I are 30. We were at CN in September for a friends wedding. We enjoyed the trip so much we are going there next June to get married. Just go you will not regret it. This was my first trip out of the country (Canada doesn't count we droe there). You can make payments so you do not hae to pay it all at one time. So far we talked 15 other couples into going with us and have more that said they are signing up.

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    I'm 27 and my wife is 24, and we just booked a trip to CSA last week. We're actually leaving in 14 days, and we're pretty excited. It was a little under $3,000 for the Garden Veranda Suite (the nicest thing they had left) and the flight would have been about $900 (we used airline miles instead). So it's definitely a big investment, but we just wanted to get away so we went ahead and did it. I can't tell you how great Couples is because we haven't gone yet, but I can tell you that it feels great to have booked the trip and to know that we're going to Jamaica soon.

    As long as you're not trying to figure out where your going to find money to eat next month (which I'm sure you're not if you're contemplating a vacation to Jamaica), I would just do it. You're not gonna be around forever, so you might as well just go for it. If not, you'll likely just keep putting it off and never get around to it.

    My motivation was that I know I'll be starting a job in June that will require about 100hrs a week, every week, so I decided to just go for it. Love it or hate it, it's sure to be an incredible experience: much more so than Florida, which will probably end up costing you close to what you would have paid for Couples anyway!

    Go for it!

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    wrenny, I can now say JUST DO IT!!!

    My fiance and I booked CSS last night for our honeymoon. The Wednesday special for the Beachfront Suite just couldn't be passed up - it was about $450 less than what we'd spend on an Atrium and has a mini bar and TV. I am soooooooo excited now that I can stop agonizing and just start a countdown! I figure we'll go, hopefully fall in love with Couples like everyone else, and then try CSA next year or the year after.

    C' can do it too

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