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    Default YEY...Now Just One month from today

    It is now just one month until we will be there

    Come on Dec 3rd.......

    John & aj

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    ME TOO, ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That is if my husbands health doesn't get in the way, please pray for us that it doesn't)

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    Sending your husband healing prayers so that you can enjoy CSS!

    One Love,

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    Our prayers as well

    John & aj

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    Thanks guys for all the prayers. It looks like he came through the pneumonia without much more damage to the lungs or heart (He has COPD, so anything big thing with the lungs can create problems). All sorts of test yesterday and they all came out good. Thanks again - see you in 17 days.

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    One month has melted into 8 days.....and counting...

    and since we had our first small bit of snow ( booo) the 8 days can now come fast enough

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    John and aj....Kim and I are excited that you will be there...we won't be ....but we can still share your excitement. We're bumming its not happening right now for us but are happy you will be chillin.

    We will probably make it work for next year. if you want to get in touch and let us know how it goes.

    Jim and Kim

    still the big K ...working on it.

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    Jim & Kim

    Thank you for your message and wishes...sorry to hear you will not be there this is never too early to start the count down for next year

    John & aj

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    Dennis and I will miss you and Kim very much this year! :~( Wish you guys would be there. We will be there Dec 12th till the 22nd. I will have a Drink for the two of you, Do you happen to know if anyone else from the gang we were with that is going to be there?? Miss you Guys the Two D's

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