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    Default CSS Penthouse suites

    I have seen the pictures on the site of the Penthouse Suite at CSS....
    Does anyone have any of their own pictures of the suite that you could share with me.
    I heard it was only $130 to upgrade from the One bedroom Oceanview to the Penthouse Suite and wanted to look into it.
    Tks in advance,

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    Hey Sher, I booked a Penthouse Suite for June of 2011 a couple days ago and it was about that to upgrade. I've never been but several people told me it was definately worth the upgrade. But I would love to see more pics of the suites if you get any. Thanks!

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    Here are a few pics of D-14. We stayed in a penthouse in 2008 & 2009. E-10 & D-14. D building is our favorite by far. It's definitely worth spending the extra money for a penthouse. We had a second 1/2 bath in the D penthouse too. The view was unbelievable. We went to CSA last April and, although nice, we didn't like it as much as CSS & CN. Too big. CSS & CN have a lot less rooms and are more intimate. We are heading to CN next April and probably will return to CSS in 2012. You'll love CSS, have a great trip.
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