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    Default Not Sure If It's A Glitch

    Hi All,
    This is my first time posting here, but am looking into my first trip with my bf to a Couples Resort for late August this year. I'm not sure if anyone here can help at all but I was price checking for booking the hotel only for CSA (planning on booking flight separately) and from my understanding, I think that I read somewhere that the deposit is $400, but when I tried booking it says $0 for the deposit amount and I'm not sure if that's correct or just a glitch. I tried calling the 800 number but they're closed already, I could always call on Monday but I guess I'm just impatient lol. TIA for any advice! =)

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    Did you select the "Love Away Plan" as your method of payment? If you did, the $400 deposit does not apply. You would only pay $100 for your first installment payment (plus additional amount for insurance or ISSA Trust donation).
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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