Hi All,

Been doing some research into which Couples Resort to go to for our Honeymoon in late December 2010 / Early Jan 2011.

My fiancee has foot and ankle issues and we are trying to minimize the amount of walking she has to do from the rooms to the the restaurants and getting onto the beach/water.

Were looking at CTI because it looks like it's the most compact with minimum stairs. Would everyone here say my research is correct that CTI would be best for this? CSA & CN seem like they are spread out more. Can't tell with CSS.

CTI Specific Questions
  1. Do all Deluxe Ocean 1 Bedrooms have bathtubs? She can't stand for long periods for showering so baths would be better?
  2. Are there elevators form the rooms to the main parts of the hotel? What about to get to beach level?
  3. If needed does the Hotel have wheel chairs we can use to get her from Rooms to restaurants and beginning of the beach?
  4. If CTI does have wheel chairs, is it easy to get around the hotel or are there stairs at a lot of places?
  5. How far out can you swim on the Main Beach at CTI? How deep is it? We'd like to be able to at least get to water that was 6 feet deep to be completed submerged. Not a deal breaker but we like to lounge on the beach and play in the waves.
  6. From the pictures looks like there's a floaty wall in the water that's pretty close to the beach. Can you swim past that?. How far left and right can you swim once out in the water?
  7. I read on this board that you can't use the floats on the back of the beach chairs in the water at CTI, is that true? Ironic if it is since it's one of their first pictures showcasing the place.
  8. Have I been wrong in my research? Is there another Couples that would be ok for us?

Thanks all in advance. We're looking forward to this trip and can't wait.