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    My wife and I will be at CSA May,22-29 2011(First Timers)! Her graduation will be on the 21st(doctorate degree) So this will be much needed for her. Its a surprise also. When you book is it best to call our do it online.... For first timers. Also the payment part, do we pay as much as we want untill the 45days out,our do you have to pay so much a month?


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    Hi there! Congrats on booking the trip! My husband and I will also be first timers when we go to CSA next November! We booked directly through the website and didn't seem to have any issues. From what I have read here on the boards, you can pay whatever you want, whenever you want between the time you pay the deposit and the final payment that is due 45 days before the arrivial date. I believe if you do the Love Layaway plan, then you pay a certain amount each month, but we chose to pay the deposit and trip insurance, and then just pay off the trip as we go.

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    Congrats to you bride!

    As for whether to book direct or online with Couples, or with a TA, or "roll-your-own", it all depends on your level of experience, comfort, etc. Some folks feel its worth the extra $$ to use a reliable TA, others don't think they are worth it.

    Its all up to you...

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    Either way on the booking will work as far as payment goes for you and the soon to be DR. Depends on what type reservation you do, if it is the love away plan it is like 100 a month up till 45 days out where the remainder will be drawn however you can pay more at any time to help pay down the balance. I believe the others are similar.

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    Hotsoup, I recently booked my first trip to couples. I obviously no pro at this but I do a lot of studying before I book vacations. This is what I found out. If you call to book you will need $400 plus $158 (for travel ins. if you chose to get it) to book your vacation. Then you will just be responsible for the balance when you are 45 days away from departure. As far as I know they don't accept monthly payments on this option. But if you book online you are eligable for Couples Love-a-way plan (aka lay-a-way plan). With this plan you will just need $100 + $158 (for the ins. if you chose) to book the vacation. Then they will charge you card $100 a month to go towards the vacation. Then when you hit the 45 day mark they will charge the balance to your card. This is the way I went and so far it's worked great. I hope this helps.

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    We did it online our first time (and many times since then as we kept changing our minds about where to go next year!). It's very user-friendly and self explanatory.

    The LoveAway payment plan requires you to pay $100 deposit and $100 a month up until 45 days before your trip when the rest of your payment will be due. You can, however, choose to pay more than $100 a month if you want- just call 1800couples, easypeasy. =)

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    You can either call 1-800-COUPLES and book that way or you can use the online booking. All you will have to pay up front is the deposit amount, then the remainder must be paid 45 days prior to arriving. You don't have to pay anything monthly but if you would like to make an additional payment just call couples.
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    Thanks for all the responses. You guys have been more than helpful. Can't wait to go May of 2011 is a long way from now but I have been looking at these boards and website for over a year now,and I think this is the place for us. I can not find any other place that offers what Couples does and they have a damn good track record.


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