Just returned from CTI and heard some great news,,one of the "old staff" member is returning after a short leave for all of us who remember the great omlets we ate and Ulyses made he will be returning in a few weeks maybe as this is being read he is having a meeting with the boss as to when he will return..rumor had it there were some complaints about the grill and the breakfast but the real reason will not be known but i was very happy to hear he will be returning very soon,,ayway a special thank you to Karen the new duty manager who is really a great new asset to CTI..and the regular staff is and alsways will be the greatest,,Byron and captain Kirk I hope the never leave and never change,,they make you really feel at home and wanted,,there are so many shout outs that I would like to give but this will cover all....thank you all who made mine and Marianns stay one of the best times and we have been there 7 years in a row and have made plans to have our vows nenewed next year,,