Just a quick tip to all that use the computers onsite at CTI..first of all, great room setup, always availability to use one, great perk as they are free. But... when I went to yahoo mail...someone was still signed in. I immediately signed them out prior to my use, but be sure to uncheck the box stating to keep you signed in, I always sign out, then go back as if I were logging in to confirm I logged out. I do keep some bill info. in my email acct., although, I trust everyone would do the same and log a prior user out like I did, just not a good idea to have information unsecured out there.
I just got back last night...and it IS true, ]Jamaica, once you go, you'll know. Especially at CTI, 100 % perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shout outs to:
Ricardo @ the front desk, what can I say Ricardo, you made our visit perfect!!!!!

Donovan for the superb nature walk ( the gentleman knows his stuff, also very polite, comical and just all around great guy, CTI is lucky to have such a great employee! )

Vivienne our room attendant -Always left our room sparkling, always pleasant to speak with!!! Thank you Viviene for keeping our room in order!

I could go on and on, but if you haven't been to CTI...it is a must for the bucket list!!!!!!