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    Default Wearing the Sad Face

    Just returned from another glorious week at CSA. Service was outstanding, food great and the beach!!!!! This was the best I have ever seen the beach, wide at all points and just fantastic.
    We had a garden view room-2106, it was just fine. We did hear some noise in the morning, but we are early risers. Plenty of beach chairs and the resort was full. We did get up early every day and reserve a palapa, but used it all day. My beach day is from 8am till sunset. My husband dove every day and the dive team is the best, I snorkled quite a bit and always was well taken care of by Marlon and Obrien.
    At repeaters dinner we were told all rooms were getting mini bars and the garden rooms will be getting TV's. They will not add tv's to Atrium or the BFS. They were adding the mini bars while we where there, completion was not set in stone, Jamaica time! We did not have a problem getting reservations, ate at Feather's 2x, and Lemon Grass 1x.
    When we arrived our friends noticed that one of their passports were missing, they went to the front desk and it was handled by the excellent staff, luckily the passport was found at the airport and turned in. The staff was able to track it down and have it deliverd to the resort, talk about service!!!
    Wi-Fi is good, just make sure you check in the night before you leave with flights, when i tried to get on the morning of departure my password had expired, they might want to take a look at leaving you access till you have actually checked out. Not a real big deal though.
    The only minor complaint I have is the lighting in the garden room bathroom and the hallway when you are trying to get in the safe and put on eye makeup. They do have the mirrors with the magnifacation, but they were a little high on the wall for me.
    So, all in all the trip was great, and we will hopefully be able to go again soon.

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    Great review, not overly analytical, written like a true TA. Don't give away the store!

    Great to hear about the broader BB Access around the resort, and the installation of TV's and minibars! I'm sure this is going to mean a bump in prices, but hey... that's progress.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Sam -- we're right behind ya. Great review, as usual. We'll be there tomorrow, and i'll take up your place under the palapa. (Not really, i'm a sun worshipper) but we'll enjoy the beach for you.

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    I actually spent most of the time in the sun, our friends are the people in need of the palapa. Vee, wait till you see the beach! The last time we were at CSA was Nov 2008, we could not beleive how wode the entire beach is. Right around the little beach bathroom was quite eroded last time, now the entire beach is just glorious! Have a great time, have my new favorite thing on the beach--- a snow cone delivered to your beach chair and then some Appleton poured over---what a refreshing treat.

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    An alcoholic snow cone?!? That is just PURE genius. Can't wait to try it in 6 DAYS!!!! *happy dance*

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    Hell of a way to wreck a perfectly good pour of Appleton rum... but hey... as they say in the Ragu commercial... "Its in there!"

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Yup, it was such a fun thing, gonna try to make them at home this summer, I'm always finding some little thing that Couples does and the use it at home.

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    Sigh... thanks for the trip home mon. I love the beach! Glad you enjoyed your vacation and happy to read about all rooms getting mini bars. Nice! Razzl

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    lol @ some noise
    Glad y'all had a great time! We were at CSA last year. This year is CSS!

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    It's Ok Chris, it was not even the VX they poured over it, just the special! I did bring home 6 large bottles of the extra and would never think of using that in my snow cones. Hopefully they will last till my next trip.

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    Default Minibars?

    So they are putting minibars in every room at CSA?? I am going to CSA in July for my honeymoon and we have the Atrium suite. We like the idea of the hammock but a minibar would surely top it off. I hope they have them in the rooms in another 2 months.

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    They said all rooms were getting the mini bars, but not when! We were in a GV room and the refrigerator was there, but not completed. Island time. Soon Come.

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