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    Default Arriving late.....questions

    We are arriving to Montego Bay at 7:30 p.m. from Miami on July the 8th. Being our first time, is this 'late'?
    I imagine our resort, (Sans Souci) has guests arriving later....
    any past experiences or thoughts ????

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    You are, indeed, simply a "late arrival", which makes no difference at Couples. The Couples Lounge at MoBay (outside Customs) will be open and ready for your check in... and your transfer will be ready shortly thereafter.

    Thus begins paradise, even at that hour! Enjoy!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We arrived late into MBJ when we went to CSA. Checkin was pretty quick and we still got the towels and champagne. The only thing was that we missed dinner and so had to eat at the grill, which was very slow since there was a group of us. We came off a 8+ hour flight with no food to speak of so we were starved.
    You probably won't get to CSS until 10:30. You might want to have a good dinner before you leave Miami. At least youurs is a short flight.

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    when we went to CSS we didn't arrive until 8:30. The couples lounge was open and waiting, although we were the only guests in it. The guy was a bit sleepy but he did give us drinks and was polite so it's all good. Likewise, the front desk staff was up and waiting when we strolled in around 11pm. So no worries there either!

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    You will find no problems once you get to the resort, but arriving in the evening, you will likely, as has been mentioned, be hungry. I would suggest taking a few sandwiches on the plane with you.

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    No worries!!

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