Hello! My husband and I will be at CSS for the first time May 22-29. We are VERY excited!! We are celebrating our 9 year anniversary and my husband's 30th birthday as well. This is our first Couples experience. After looking over the website and reading posts I have a question. I was checking out the webpage to see what all is included and one of the first things listed is Honeymoon package (His/Her massage + champagne) $0 cost. Does anyone know if this is only if you are on your honeymoon, or if it is actaully included with everything else?! Also if anyone has any tips on what to bring as far as clothes or neccesities we would appreciate it! I've heard people say to pack your back and then take half of your clothes out. I tend to overpack and if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help!! So excited for our trip, 9 more days