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    I had asked earlier about the computer center at CN and was told by a few people that they used Skype to keep in touch with home. Is Skype already set up there, or do you need to bring a laptop that has it installed on it with you?

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    We are headed there a week from tomorrow and will have our netbook and iphones, all with Skype installed.

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    Skype is not installed at the resort computers. If you want to Skype, you need to bring your own laptop.
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    Or use Skype for the BlackBerry or Iphone/Ipod Touch
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    Skype is NOT installed on the computers at CN. Bring your can Skype from the Beach Grill and face the beautiful blue sea...our daughters LOVED it!!! It really helped them to understand where mom and dad were...I am assuming that is why you are wanting to use Skype. ;-}

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