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    Default an @ cn -- STOP!!! DON'T DO IT!!!

    You won't enjoy it all. It is not relaxing being nekkid all day and seeing all those other people nekkid. You can't concentrate on anything with all that bare skin distracting you. It's really uncomfortable having all those people watch everything you're doing. It's much more enjoyable swimming in bathing suits and not having to worry that someone may be looking at your private stuff when you're walking around or swimming...........

    Of course we don't stand by anything we just wrote.
    The experience is the complete opposite of what we wrote at the top of this post. The people on the AN beach are the nicest people (we're not saying that people on the textile beach aren't nice). It really is amazing how quickly you become comfortable with being AN and with everyone else being AN. You get to the point where you forget you're AN. This last trip there were several times people had to stop themselves from wandering into the textile areas of the resort without putting clothes on... that's how comfortable it becomes.

    We would love for our little patch of paradise to remain so sparsely populated, so peaceful, so relaxing, so darn enjoyable.
    But seriously... Go to the AN beach. try it. You will amaze yourself how quickly you relax and find it comfortable and oh so enjoyable.


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    Default What!

    Roclin, you scared in those first few lines. Great attention grabber.

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    I agree with you Roclin. My husband and I were never in to going without clothes in public before. I was a little shy and thought I would never do that. Two yrs ago was our first time at CN. We had never been anywhere that offered a AN beach. Out of curiosity mostly we tried it for an hour or so that first year. Then last year we spent 3 days on the AN beach. We would have spent more time there but we had gone with another couple who didnt want to go. This yr we are heading back (alone) and plan to spend the whole time there. It is relaxing and addictive. And you are right you do meet the nicest people on the AN beach. We didnt meet people on the clothing beach really, not like at the AN beach. On the clothing beach people tended to just stay to one self. Or thats what it seemed to me. Any way we will be in Jamaica in 2 weeks. We are going to CSS first for 5 days (SSB look out here we come) and then we transfer and will spend 5 days at CN.

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    On the AN beach, whether it be CTI, CSS or CN, people who use those areas have nothing to hide.

    Well maybe they cover up with suntan lotion!

    If you are thinking of trying it, do it early in your stay because we can all say that once you try it, you'll never want to leave.

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    Default Good attention getter

    Your sense of humor transcends the AN beach. I started reading your post and though "what the heck?" (or something like that). My wife and I were lucky enough to share our first AN experience with you and some other wonderful couples in April. We're still talking about that week in paradise. The CN trip has brought us much closer together and I believe that the AN experience was a big part of that. We have been much more open with one another since then. The "barriers" that we gave up in Jamaica have not returned and our marriage is the all the better for it. Roclin made a very good point about giving "AN a try". While I too enjoyed the uncrowded AN beach, it's the people that you meet that really make it memorable. It doesn't take long for you to forget that you and the people you're with are naked but that's hard to believe until you've tried it.

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    Default One more thought

    As I sit here thinking about our AN experience a month ago (has it been that long?) there is one memory that stands out amongst the rest. There was a core group of couples that had spent the week together on the AN side. We were getting towards the end of the week and it was time for some to leave our paradise the next day. The sun was setting on a picture perfect day as we had a champagne toast to our new found friends. There we were, several couples that had just met a few days earlier, standing naked in the warm sun and sipping champagne. What would have been surreal just days before, seemed a natural way to end the day.

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