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    Default Will I stick out like a sore thumb?

    We are getting married at CSA May 20th at 11 am. My question is, Is a chiffon sundress to dressy to wear to Feathers that night? It's my wedding day, so I bought something "extra dressy" to wear that night. I know I will want to get out of that wedding dress ASAP, beings that it is going to be hot. I know people said sundresss or something similiar is perfect. But for the night of my wedding, I wanted to be a little more dressy than just a plain sundress. It's canary yellow, knee length, sleeveless and its chiffon. It is pretty dressy but yet, very sundressy. Will I be TO dressed up and be looked at weird like "Did she think she was going to a formal ball?" haha! Please help. I will try to attach a picture!
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