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    Default what to pack

    Wedding planned for CTI at the end of June... we have never been anywhere like this before & I have NO idea what to pack!! This is where all you women come in. Of course with the airlines baggage fees I want to be conservative with suitcases, however I just don't know what to bring as far as how dressy, how comfortable, how many shoes, you women know what I'm talking about. FYI I like to look nice not just pack T's & flip flops !!
    also other suggestions of items that I may not think of is appreciated!


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    Pack a bottle opener. Red stripe bottles on the bus ride to Negril are NOT screw off. As far as shoes u can never pack enough especially if you get hubby to tote the bags

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    Don't over pack! I always like to look nice for supper, but we wear swim suits all day. You probably want to pack at least 2 or three of them. You only need a couple pairs of shorts/tops for each. I took One dressy dress, a couple of sun dresses, a skirt. I paired the skirt with the tops I brought along to wear if we left the resort. (It's ok if you wear the same outfit twice.) We used our carry ons, and one bag each, with lots of room for gifts for the grandkids, and some coffee and rum. Did't have any problem with room or weight.

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    Hi. Relax, there is a wealth of information available for you on the message board. Do a search for "packing list" or just "packing" in the thread titles. Or watch you thread here and you will get loads of good advice. My only advice for now is not to over pack. It is very easy to do and you really don't need all that much stuff for a week at Couples. And yes, that includes being "dressy" for the evenings.

    Have a great trip!

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    Sun dresses... I bring one for each night. So easy. I bring a couple pair of shorts, of course shoes and some nice easy tops. I found when I tried to bring "outfits" I ended up with way to much. Don't forget bathing suits, a couple and a beach cover up. You will be ready to go! My favorite item to bring is BENDY STRAWS.. don't want to strain the neck lifting the head for a drink.
    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.
    We just renewed our vows last December at CN. It was wonderful but very hot. I would highly suggest a morning time if you can as the mid day was brutal.

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    I was the same way..I had no clue. We are back home I can share with you what we took, and needed.

    during the day you will only need bathing suits and cover ups..I took 4 bathing suits and 4 sarongs.
    He brought 4 swim suits, and a different shirt for every day for beach, or activities.

    He wore 2 different pairs of flip flops (nice ones)..I took my pair for the beach.

    At night He needed a dress shirt, (casual dress button down short sleeve)
    semi dress slacks for most dinners , and for buffet nice shorts and dress shirt.

    I brought a dress for every dinner at night, and like 4 pairs of dress sandels, but only ended up wearing 2 of them. Bring a pair that will go with everything and you will be fine.
    I brought like 9 sundresses most were dressy for evening, and a few for daytime.

    I ended up needing everything I brought, and so did my fact he could have used another shirt or two, he had to wear one twice.

    I noticed that not all of the guests were going by the dress code for some of the restaurants, but we felt that we still wanted to dress for the occasion. A lot of guests still wore shorts and flip flops to the finer places. They still let them in, so I guess they don't enforce it.But for us, we like to dress the occasion, so it didn't matter what anyone else wore. It was our wedding honey moon also so we were in our own

    Bring your make-up, hair supplies, etc as you would bring anywhere else..don't forget the swimmers ear drops if you are prone to that.

    BTW, we were allowed to check 2 bags each with American Airlines..we didnt even know that, so find out first.

    If you plan on scuba diving..get a release from your DR first if you have High Blood pressure..or Asthma..I could not go because of Asthma..and my Husband had to Fax his Dr from there to get a release to go, lucky for him his Dr sent back a quick response.

    Don't forget to read the Activities board posted at the Buffet every day..we never remembered to so we never signed up for anything on time..but we were in our own we forgot.Besides, we just wanted to enjoy our time together and relax.

    We had a wonderful time, and LOVED every single minute.
    Pleas give our Love to the wedding Coordinater and Byron in the Lobby upon check in.
    Tell them Julio and Mary said thank you for everything. They nick named us Romeo and Julio..(they will remember)

    Have a Fabulous time..relax, and let Latoya take care of everything..
    You will Love CTI..its first class service all the way, every day..every restaurant.
    Don't forget to eat at the veggie Bar and enjoy the smoked Marlin dip with sweet potato chips..its to die for.
    Go to the Piano Bar and request the "Mary Special" I think the bartenders name was Terry. Its a Top Shelf Martini..those were wonderful, and be sure to say hello from Mary and Julio.

    and Congrats on your wedding, ours was beautiful. We were Married May 3rd on the beach at CTI.

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    Default What to Pack

    I usually pack 6-7 nice dresses for dinner and try not to pack more than 5 pair of shoes-water shoes to wear on the beach to protect feet from sharp shells or going to Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios,;tennis shoes to wear for walking and to go shopping,high heels for night time activities-usually basic black, and then maybe one or two pair of sandals. Make sure all shoes have been broken in or you will deal with blisters. Not good on vacation.
    For the daytime, shorts and t-shirts/tank tops or just some nice sundresses.
    For swimming, I try to bring one or two two-piece suits that can be mixed and matched so it looks like you have more suits than you really do.
    Material that doesn't wrinkle easily(most resorts offer irons and boards)can be packed tighter together and won't take up a lot of space.
    Bring otc medicines like pepto-bismol,benadryl, motion sickness meds, aloe for sunburn, baby powder for rubbing off the sand at the beach(the sand just falls off), aspirin/Tylenol,band-aids If you buy these at the resort, they are very expensive.
    A waterproof camera for pool side/beach side/snorkeling.
    Cheap sunglasses-Dollar Tree comes in handy for this.
    Best wishes on starting your new life.

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    light weight sundresses for the evening. I have a couple that I can also use as a swimsuit cover up the next day. I take very few t's and shorts as we don't need them. I have tried to limit shoes also. Heels while they look nice aren't practical. I have one pair of flip flops that I take to wear during the day. You can wear your swimsuit and coverup for breakfast and lunch. Then whatever you want to wear for dinner. I also take a shawl for the evening at the piano bar as it can get chilly with the ac and being in the sun all day. When are you at CTI. We arrive on July 3.

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    Default Shipping from Jamaica

    My husband and I are coming July 26-30 and instead of bringing extra luggage for anything we buy, we want to ship it home. Is there a place in the MB Airport where we can ship any liquor or other goodies we buy to our home?

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    Take at look at the FAQs on this website. It has a lot of good suggestions including what to pack.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Quote Originally Posted by unitedfront View Post
    My husband and I are coming July 26-30 and instead of bringing extra luggage for anything we buy, we want to ship it home. Is there a place in the MB Airport where we can ship any liquor or other goodies we buy to our home?
    If you are shipping from Jamaica, you are going to have to pay customs fees. We pack a collapsible duffel bag to put dirty clothes in and use our sturdier luggage to pack rum in once we get stateside as we buy it in MoBay at the airport. They have the best prices,

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    Thanks everyone for the great ideas, some of them I hadn't thought of. I'm glad a couple of you mentioned bringing a shaw -as that was a concern of mine. Your replys will make packing so much easier. If anyone going to be there June 27- July2 hope to see you there!!

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    Sportylady thanks for all your great ideas & I was wondering if the dress code would be strictly enforced. Oh, and the scuba info - thank you wasn't sure if we would "have" to have the doctor release or not.
    Congrats on your recent wedding. Good luck & Best Wishes

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