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    Default CSA to Sangster - Transfer Question

    My wife and I will be at CSA for just a few days in late June, however we will not be arriving on the CSA shuttle from Sangster. We will be statying at another resort we enjoy in Negril and then taking a taxi to CSA on the day we check in there. We will be taking the CSA transport back to Sangster though. Does anyone know what our shuttle departure time would be from CSA in order to make our 4PM flight out of MBJ? Do they leave early enough that you don't have to sprint through the airport to make your flight?
    Thanks for any info on this!
    All the best-

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    When you check in they will ask for your departure flight information. Based on that they will schedule you for a shuttle to get you to MoBay in time for all the rigamarole required by security, etc. to get you to your flight. Since your flight is at 4PM, I am guessing that you will be put on a shuttle no later than 1PM, maybe even noon. They will leave instructions for you on the day prior to your leaving on what time to have your bags out and what time your shuttle will be leaving. You will probably have time for breakfast and maybe some beach time in the morning before you leave, but that is just a guess.

    As something to think about: recheck your departure flight time before you leave for your vacation and even while at CSA, you can do this on line in the computer center in the Great House. We had some confusion one year on our departure time and they put us on a shuttle that got us to Sangster with barely enough time to catch our flight. We were literally doing that "sprint through the airport" that you mentioned. I will be checking the flight time myself the day before from now on. No harm done, but a bit scary for us.

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    My guess is that you will leave the resort by 11:00 or noon.

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    Your shuttle will depart approx. 4 hours before your flight. That will give you more then enough time to make your flight with enought time to shop/eat at the Mobay airport

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    Oh yes they leave early enough I would say your departure for the 4 pm flight will be at noon but the resort would tell you exact. I remember hearing they leave 4 hours prior to your departure time.

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    Thanks folks. I realize it is often a "Hurry Up and Wait" situation. We are in Jamaica quite a bit and a New Years we got to Sangster (from another resort) more than two hours before our flight, which is good these days and especially then since the incident at Christmas heightened security even more for flying back into the U.S. However when we were waiting for the flight, all set to go and right on time ... our flight was then delayed an additional 2 hours. It gets frustrating sometimes!
    Thanks for the info! We look forward to our first stay, however short, at CSA at the end of June.
    Roy and Nancy

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