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    My wife and I are Couples newbies and I'm brand new to this board (we've stayed with the big couples only competitor chain that can't be named a number of times). We've just booked at CSA for the second week of January. I thought it might be fun to "meet" other couples who will be at CSA at the same time online before we arrive, so I'm starting this thread. We're in our mid-fifties, from the Washington, DC area and have been married for almost 30 years. If you're going to be at CSA at the same time and are interested in connecting, please post a reply or drop me a friend request. Thanks.

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    We will be at CSW from the 13-20 of January 2015. This will be our 3 time there. We are very much looking forward to going again. It is true when they say if is like going "home". Maybe we can meet for a drink. We are from Canada and will be celebrating 10 years.

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    We have a group of 14 will be there 14-21 of Jan from Kansas we will all be couples newbies also some have been to other brands at other locations. All are the same age range you are. We can be a fun rowdy bunch, been looking forward to this trip for months.

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    My wife and I are returning home after a two year absence... we'll be there for one week (never enough time) mid-January. We can't wait to get our feet in that beautiful 7-mile beach sand and float in that amazingly blue Caribbean sea... oh - and there will be many rum punches and dirty bananas that need to be taken care of! 59 sleeps to go.

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    Officially one month to go until our 1/17 arrival at beautiful CSA - hope to see other January posts. Happy Holidays!

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    We will also be arriving in a little over two weeks. It has been three years since we have been "home" we are very much looking forward to our trip. Count down is on!!!

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    We will be arriving on the 7th! 11th trip to CSA can't wait to come home. We are from Chicago and will look for you at the Martini bar!

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    We will be arriving in 1 week. This will be our 2nd time to CSA and really can't wait! We are from the midwest and ready for the Jamaican heat!!!

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    It's January - and only 9 more sleeps then we're on our way via Jet Blue to MBJ and home again at CSA. Last night it was 5 degrees and my body is already dreaming about the Negril heat and humidity (and cold Red Stripes!)

    Wishing you all a very happy and Peaceful New Year!

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    We arrive on Wednesday for our first visit, really looking forward to spending my 50th in the sunshine!!!

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