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    Default Is Miss Una still at CSS?

    Hi Randymon:
    We are returning to CSS on Nov 29, staying for 8 days in one of the Penthouse Suites. Is Miss Una still working at the resort in housekeeping? If so, can someone get a message to tell her we are 'coming home' ?? Last time we came back ,she took the extraordinary step of coming in to visit us on her day off, and even cleaned our room - even though it was not in her block. We'd love to see her , but please make sure she knows we don't want her to clean. We just want to feel the warmth of her smile again.

    Thanks so much,
    Jeanette and David
    FONT="Verdana"]David and Jeanette, Nova Scotia[/FONT][/FONT]

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    Default We love her also!

    Una is one of the reasons we returned to CSS. Una actually remembered our names from a visit separated by 3 years! How many employees can do that! We hope to see her next month. She will be the first employee to hug you!

    6/22-6/30 2010 CSS

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    Yes, Miss Una is Still Smiling at Couples Sans Souci AND she is waiting for you to come home soon.
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    Couples Resorts

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    We LOVE Miss Una!!!! We were at CSS last July in "A" block. We looked forward to seeing her each night. We didn't need turndown service, no one does that for us here at home..... LOL But we loved seeing her smiling face and getting her sweet little notes!!!

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    WOW! Miss. Una sounds like one of a kind. This will be my first trip to CSS and I hope I have the pleasure of meeting her next month!
    Dr. Walls

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    We arrive at CSS May 29th and this will be our 1st time at CSS but we are no strangers to "Couples". Miss Una sounds like a person to meet. My husband and I will try and look her up. Hope she is working in what ever building we get. Can't wait to meet her.

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    We'll be there in October. They had great staff at CN, I imagine at least the same at CSS.

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