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    Default What's the story here? (CTI)

    Okay, what's the story behind these pics?

    See more of the island in our vacation photo gallery:

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    Well...we were "told" that was being removed. The idea came from somewhere in Russia I believe, and a couple brought the chain to CTI with their personalized lock, and people added to it.

    Then, as was bound to happen, some people got all up in arms over "the poor tree" and "oh how tacky" and on and on, and so Randymon (I think I'm remembering correctly) said management had not approved it and it would be removed. Interesting to see it still there. :-)

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    Yeah. We knew the story, heard it had been removed, then saw it in April. Love the idea, understand the concerns. Management just needs to make up its mind whether or not it's allowed to remain.

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    out of sight out of mind...

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    Glad to see people respecting management's wishes.

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    The Locks and Chain were NOT approved by management and have been removed from the island.

    Couples Resorts

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