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    Default special diets at CN

    My fiance and I will be going to CN for our honeymoon in January. I have celiac disease and cannot tolerate any food that contains gluten (the protein found in wheat).

    Does anyone have any experience with special diets at Couples? Do I need to contact the resort ahead of time? Will I be able to meet with one of the chefs to discuss my dining options? I get very sick if I consume even the smallest bit of gluten so this is a big concern for me.

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    Great question. I'm also wondering if Couples prepares any desserts with Almond or Coconut Flour? Also, there are 3 of us going that have diabetes. Does anyone know if they have any sugar-free desserts/pastries. Doubt they will have both...made with Almond flour AND sugar-free, but worth it to ask.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Couples is very happy to accommodate guests who are on restrictive diets. When you first arrive at the resort ask to meet with the head chef and he will discuss dining options with you. I've read that they come up with some very tasty food for those on restrictive diets.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Same question, different reason. My boyfriend and I are vegan- we can probably deal with being vegetarian at the resort but hoping there is some wonderful food for us. Also hoping they can make us a vegan wedding cake!

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    We went to CSA for our wedding in 2008. My brother and his wife were there as guests. She is celiac. I did contact the resort ahead of time and they were very helpful. She said for her to meet with the chef when she got there and that he would prepare special dishes for her! Seriously, her own custom menu! How cool is that? I think she didn't want to be a pain, so she mostly just ordered things off the menu, asking them to hold the sauces (which often contain gluten). They were always very accommodating. Also, one time in Feathers she mentioned she couldn't have the desserts because of the flour/wheat/gluten, so they brought her chocolates! Oh, and instead of the wedding cake the rest of us ate, she was brought a yummy fruit plate!

    So contact them ahead of time for sure, and they will direct you who to speak to shen you're there. You're on vacation and have a right to eat yummy foods to, so let the staff help you do so, as they will happily take care of you!

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    rosemarykt ~ I'm pretty sure you can stay on a vegan diet while at Couples without needing to talk to the chef. Now, I'm not sure about the wedding cake. I'd email your wedding coordinator and ask her about that one.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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