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    Default Which room category at CSS should I choose??

    I am getting married at CSS march of 2011 and have about 50 guests coming to CSS as well. I've read mixed reviews about the room blocks at CSS. I currently have a beachfront in blocks A or B but I don't want to miss out on the beautiful views that I heard CSS is known for. Do you really only have a view of the back of the pool from A and B blocks? Does anyone know how block D is in terms of the views? I need to decide between the ocean Verandah and the beachfront suites. Any suggestions on either one of those rooms or blocks? HELP!!

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    Lsykes - We have stayed in an ocean verandah, a beachfront suite, and a penthouse. Send us an e-mail and we'll explain the differences, and send you pictures, as well. Congratulations on your wedding!! You've chosen the perfect location!!

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    I was thrilled with our penthouse suite in Block D.
    However, after touring the whole place several times, I cant see how ANY room can be a "bad" choice.

    KruznSusan and Stan

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    We always stay in a Beachfront Suite and Love it. You have a beautiful view of the whole resort, the pool, beach, grounds and cliffs. It is very convenient to go to the beach and the restaurants for breakfast and lunch. I guess it depends on how many times a day you want to climb the stairs as to which room you select.

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    We stayed in the Penthouse Suite in D block and LOVED it. A and B block you do have a front row view of the pool and also the beach party and Gala night right outside your door. I think no matter where you stay you will be happy.

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    Default CSS Room Info


    I am going to CSS next year and I have a bad knee and I do not want to go up and down a lot of stairs. If CSS doesn't have elevators, what room catagry should I select?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I think your best bet is the A & B buildings. It's close to everything (pool, beach bar, Bella Vista, beach etc.). You would still have to deal with the stairs to go to the Casanova Restaurant and the Balloon Bar where the nightly entertainment is. I think they do offer a shuttle to them though.

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