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    Default Concerned rum lover headed to CSS - requests info from veterans!

    Hello All-

    2010 has not been kind on most fronts, but excited about getting married and heading to the island soon. While on vacation in the tropics, I love nothing more than grabbing a cocktail whether it be dinner, a bar or chilling with a book in the room/balcony. With that in mind, have a couple questions revolving around rum/cocktails....

    1. We have a penthouse suite, but from the posts on here it now seems only caribe beer is in the mini bar, (no liqour/wine.) How does one reasonably appropriate various rums or other licqours (mama not a beer drinker) in the room for those afternoons you just want to chill?

    2. Is Appleton the only distillery tour available? Been to Bounty on St. Lucia, and they had several levels of rum and brands available for sample and purchase. Does Appleton also sell (hopefully reasonably for those not available in thse states to being back!)

    3. Any other rum lover tips/insight?

    Thanks for your help/experience!


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    Have no fear. We were there in January. You get 4 bottles of liquor with one being Appleton Rum. You can also ask for wine on the sheet that they provide. It is not listed but if you request they will bring it. We asked for rum cream and got a bottle no problem.
    Also you can call room service for wine as well.
    I think you are in good hands. That is what Couples is all about.
    It doesn't get any better ----- you will love the Penthouse Suite.

    Another good rum is called "Sangsters". And if you are a real rum lover you can buy a really special rum in the gift shop called "Smatts". You can only buy it at Couples, the distillery itself (which is a plantation on the island) and one place in England.

    It is not cheap but it is special - we bought a bottle but have not cracked into it yet.

    Enjoy and Cheers....

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    The Appleton Estate does have a very interesting tour of the grounds, equipment, distillery and warehouse (yummy!). Its a haul from Ochi, though. At the end of the tour, there is a rum tasting and an opportunity to buy all of their wares, as well as the full line of Wrey & Nephew products, including Sangster's Rum Cream (all flavors).

    Unless you're going tip-toe top shelf, you're likely to get a better deal at the airport duty-free, and they do a great job of boxing up your goods. For what its worth, Appleton began a marketing campaign for their higher grade rums in the US this time last year. VX and Extra a now commonly available, and one of our local purveyors even keeps a bottle or two of Blue Label under lock and key ($90, if you're interested).

    Personally, I'm backstocked on Extra, but I'll be looking to see if I can get a decent deal on the Blue Label... I promised a workmate that if I could find it in the $50 range, I'd buy us both a bottle. Last year, I noticed that the gift shop at SweptAway had a couple bottles of the Proprietor's Blend (Purple Label) for US$140 (not gonna happen).

    Hope that helps...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We scored the Master's Blend for 100. (purple)

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    I find it interesting that most folks don't care for the Carib. I liked it! lol

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    I am a beer drinker, but could not finish a Carib... Had to go to the bar for Red Stripe. Really wish that I could get Red Stripe in my mini fridge ~ any chance of that?

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    Order drinks from room service...request what you will and all will be delivered! no worries!

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    Great info on all fronts...Thank you. Feel much better. Can't believe room service will bring you drinks. Awesome.

    It sounds like maybe the CSS gift shop might be the most reasonable for rum purchases for return flight other than duty free(?)

    Assuming you can hit duty free before checking baggage?

    thanks again!

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    Nope... the duty-free at the airport is beyond the "sterilization" checkpoint. After you clear security, you can shop until you need to be at your gate.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    The duty free is after you check in your luggage. They will box it up for you and you can take it as a 2nd carry on. I think that's better anyway since the bottles can get broken in the checked luggage.
    Being able to order drinks from room service is a huge plus, it's one of the many wonderful things about CSS we love.
    You just can't make a decent pina colada in your room, ya know...

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    If you have a connecting flight you will need to put t in your luggage after you clear customs to get your connection so make sure you have room in your luggage.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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