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    Default CSS Review April 2010 - Lush, Tropical Paradise

    CSS (detailed) Review - April 24 to 30, 2010

    My husband and I (who are in our late 40’s) had gone to an all-inclusive in Negril in April 2009 and had a magical time (honeymoon). When we decided to go back in April this year (2010), we consulted with a couple we had met (Grace & Ballentine) in Negril last year who were from Kingston. They recommended that we come to CSS this time and that we would not be sorry. They told us how cozy and romantic it was and how great the food and entertainment was. We booked our vacation in January and requested a penthouse suite.

    My husband and I spent a lot of time reading about CSS and read the message boards every day.

    We arrived in MBay and after an uneventful 30 minutes or so through Immigration, we were able to claim our luggage and head to the Couples Lounge for a much needed Red Stripe. Then we were quickly escorted with our luggage to an awaiting bus/taxi and headed to CSS. Our group seemed exhausted, though excited, and the bus driver did not have to do much to entertain us (hahaha!) We stopped once for a break and liquid refreshments and arrived at CSS after about a 1 ¾ hour drive.

    The arrival staff at CSS was fast and efficient (especially Martin “Smitty” Smith – who loves Beres Hammond – and got the t-shirt <inside joke> ). We were given cool glasses of champagne and a fresh cold white cloth to place on our necks and faces – both served off of silver trays. After a quick check-in, my husband and I were escorted by LIJ to our penthouse suite.

    Imagine my surprise when we were shown to the Prime Minister Suite-Block D (D-13)! It was absolutely gorgeous! How can ANYone not like these rooms? In addition to the extra large Jacuzzi tub in the bedroom and the gigantic walk in shower off the bedroom, there is even a half bath with a beautiful view. (I might note that they really should install a mirror of some type to make the room more feasible when both of us were getting ready to go down for dinner at night). The balcony was so large and inviting. There was a huge tropical bouquet of flowers and an appetizer plate when we arrived and we had a chance to sit down and relax a bit before we began exploring.

    The first day, we toured the WHOLE place with our friends from Kingston. We had an informative walk around the lake and I remembered that someone said there were restrooms by the tennis courts (convenient - lol!). There were so many interesting nooks and crannies and balconies and hideaway spots and the view and vegetation was gorgeous no matter where you stood! It was tiring and I had to stop every now to catch my breath but I didn’t want to miss ANY thing!

    Our first night, we had dinner with our friends from Kingston in the Casanova. The staff was extremely accommodating at pushing our dinner reservations back because our friends were running late due to traffic on the way there. After dinner, we spent some time in the Balloon Bar (perusing the plaques and balloons) and then enjoyed the entertainment.

    The food was better than I expected (except for one night at the Palazzina Restaurant). We dined twice at the Ristorante Casanova and twice at the Palazzina Restaurant. We had the luck of being there for the Tuesday night Jamaican Beach Party . The buffets were amazing and we enjoyed the entertainment.

    The one other night, we enjoyed a private dinner in the wedding gazebo. Keston was our attendant. He is a fantastic staff member. The music he played (romantic songs from the 60's and 70's) was so romantic that my husband and I got up and danced cheek to cheek between course a couple of times. The food? -----mmmmmmm ....... was the Passionate Menu. So special.

    We spent much of our day time in the water in the cove area by the spa and the mineral pool. The water was cool on the surface and warm underneath and 90% of the time, we had the cove area all to ourselves.

    While we were there, my husband and I did the couples massage together in the Hideaway and then the next day, I did an extra long massage and the reflexology while he had the body scrub and the men's facial.

    The only water sports that we actually used was the Glass bottom Boat. Barrington was SO funny!

    The stairs??? Well ... the stairs do wipe you out but the rooms in Blocks D and G are well worth it! I suggest that you take time after you eat to enjoy the beach or sit under the trees before you attempt the stairs.

    I didnt know this until we got there but each block of rooms is named for a Flower (duh!) - (A- Azalea, C-Carnation, D- Dahlia, E-Evergreen, F-Frangipani, etc.)

    And we even visited with the tarot card reader/palmist. That was quite enlightening!

    I think that my favorite drink was shooting Bob Marleys. What was funny was that each bartender had you shoot it a different way. Most of the time, the staff would smirk when I ordered one (or two or three - wink!). Francine, Easton and Jason are some special bartenders!!

    We saw the GM, Pierre, several times which I thought was comforting should we ever have needed him (of course, we didnt).

    Lij always went over and above what his job entails. His smile is infectious and his polite manner was impressive. We had occasion to have to handle some office business while we were there and he took care of the fax transmissions quite efficiently. We were quite fortunate to have clear, quick Wi-Fi in our room.

    Ripley, the photographer, always showed up at the right time and got some really great shots of us.

    My favorite "wait-staff" people were Maureen and Keneshia. They always had smiles on their faces and were always willing to accommodate us.

    All the entertainment staff was extremely friendly - Michelle, Shellian, Kaydian and Miguel – who still owes me a dance.

    All the young men with room service that brought buckets of ice to us at least 2 or 3 times a day. Room service menu leaves something to be desired but we did not come to stay in our room the whole time and only ordered appetizers a couple of nights since we were eating late. We did, however, order the complete Resort breakfast in one morning and wow! It was WAY too much food for us.

    I am glad that I did not listen to the "bad reviews" about CSS. The place is MAGICAL!

    This trip only whet our appetite for CSS. We cant wait to go back. We are hooked!

    We would go back tomorrow --- if we could.

    KruznSusan and Stan
    CSS April 2011???
    by way of Louisiana

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    Great review! Thank you! I'd love to get the PMS [lol!] when we are there

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    Awesome review. Thank you so much for sharing. We leave for CSS on Wednesday and reading your review has me so excited! I'm glad your husband and you had such a wonderful time.

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    Thanks for the great review! Do you have any pictures of the penthouse suites that you wouldn't mind sharing? We have one booked for next year and the only pics I can find are the ones on the couples web site. Thanks again!

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    Thank you so much for the great review!! We were there for the first time in Feb, loved it so much we went back in April. We feel the same way about the staff as you do. They are simply wonderful. We can't wait until we can go back and enjoy it all again, we miss CSS very, very much!!

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    We also had CSS get us a private car/driver (Patrice) one afternoon. We went to the grocery (to get Kahlua for my husband) and then drove through Fern Gully (awesome). Then our driver suggested touring Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Waterfalls. Although many cruise ship tours go through the gardens daily, we went later in the afternoon and were the only ones there. We took our time and asked the tour guide many questions. Absolutely Gorgeous!!

    We wanted to go to the Glistening Waters .. Luminous Lagoon at Falmouth one night but didnt get a chance to.

    I'll try to post some pictures (if I can figure out how).

    KruznSusan and Stan

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    Thank you for that awesome review, my husband and I will be there for our first time in September and we are impatiently counting down the time until we get there.

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    We are going back to CSS in April this year too!! Can't wait!!!

    KruznSusan and Stan

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    Can any one tell me if any of this staff is still at CSS??

    Martin "Smitty" Smith - "bellhop"
    Keston - wait staff/food services
    Barrington - water sports
    Francine, Easton, Jason - bar staff
    Ridley - photographer
    Maureen and Keneshia - wait staff/food services
    Michelle, Shellian, Kaydian, Miguel - guest entertainment


    KruznSusan and Stan
    CSS - April 2010
    CSS - April 2011

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    I agree with you regarding a mirror in the 1/2 bath. We stayed in Dec 2009 in the PM suite and complained to the GM Pierre B and he took note of it.
    We made the best of it. The PM suite is really special and we really enjoyed saying in it

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    Barrington and Kaydian are.....we were just there 2 weeks ago and those two were part of our highlights as well

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    It's Coneshia and she was pretty as a picture there in February. Maureen too! They're the best!

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