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    Default Help! sangsters Rum Cream in Canada

    Help! I went to the LCBO in Ottawa on the weekend to buy a bottle of Sangsters Rum Cream, and could not find it. When I asked, I was told there is not enough demand for it, so they are de-listing it and will only continue carrying it if tthey get a lot of requests from customers. Canadian MB users, let's keep Sangsters at our LCBO stores!

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    We bought some from our LCBO in Kingston, they had lots of it in stock, must be more people here visiting Jamaica, lol.

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    Next time you are in the states...bring us some eh! We can only get some brand from the Virgin sucks! Seriously...if anyone knows if I can get it in Windsor...let me know...just a hop skip and a tunnel ride which would be totally worth it.

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    We live in Waterloo Ontario. Our experience is that ths stock depends on the location. Each LCBO carries what is in demand at that location. Try another LCBO in your area. I checked online and 2 sites in Ottawa had Sangsters (275 Rideau Street & 1980 Bank Street). There seemed to be other alternatives in Ottawa (I assume suburbs but I am not familiar with the area). I guess what I am saying is to go online at and see the nearest place to you that does carry Sangsters.

    Heaven forbid they stop selling it in Canada. My husband would have a fit. He already is afraid it might happen and keeps about 20 bottles in the fruit cellar just in case - he also says it is "evaporating" too fast

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    LCBO product number is 605535. Can be checked on the LCBO website by Ontario city/store. As of this evening Rideau St & Bank St both Have 12 bottles each, Gloucester 16, Kanata 16, Nepean 8, Orleans 8, Vanier 0.

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    It's carried in both of the NSLC (liquor) stores here in our small town in Nova Scotia.

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