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    We just returned from CAS May 1 and while we WILL be going back, I will do things differently for the next flight/bus ride. I suffer from car sickness and also air sickness. I spent most of the flight time (from Kansas City)to the resort absolutely green and always one turn or hill away from puking! Coupled with anxiety about flying, I was a mess. I did the music/book thing but knowing what I know now about the time I'm totally doing the Rx route! Next time I plan on being happily oblivious and medically induced!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katherineelise View Post
    Any tips???? Surely I am not the only one
    ....For me, more a concern for circulation in my legs. Move them a lot to keep the blood flowing.

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    I have a lifetime total of almost 3 million airline miles between business and pleasure across the airlines. I only like to fly when the weather is perfect and the plane new and since I live in FL, the weather is rarely perfect with our regular storms

    I love to travel but really do not like to fly. It is just something I have to do to get to the wonderful places I want to be.

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    Yes Xanax is a good option. If that is not an option any type of muscle relaxer will work just as well.

    I take zanaflex or flexaril. Zanaflex works better for me. Not only does it make me sleep for most of the 4 hour flight from PHL to MBJ it also helps with cramping of legs, neck and back pain for sitting those 4 hours.

    I sleep very soundly, wake refreshed and ready to rock and roll. Before I started taking the Zanaflex it never failed DH and I would be at each other by the time we reached the resort. We were tired, stressed, irritated and generally crabby. Of course he said it was me

    If none of these meds are available, than just go for a Benadrayl, Dramamine or Gravol. It will make you sleep as well.

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    Yup count me in as a nervous flyer. I just got back from CSA last night and boy, both flights were bumpy the whole way home. I literely shook the whole time. I keep reminding myself how safe flying is, and bring plenty of distractions. (mags, IPod, crossword puzzles, etc). It was still worth it, CSA was awesome. I am doing the Xanax next flight. It also somehow calms me when kids are on the plane, because they have no fear. Just seeing their excitement helps me. Safe travels to all =)!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katherineelise View Post
    I don't know....the typical things....CRASHING!! I don't think it's that uncommon!!! I'm sure I will be fine, thanks to those who replied
    kath is you are fearful of " crashing" then looking at the odds should put your mind at ease. it is easier to deal with ones fears when looking at fact as opposed to ingesting narcotics
    enjoy the trip minimize the take offs and landings have fun

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    I am also a xanax flyer... our return home (yesterday - boo) was EXTREMELY bumpy the entire flight.

    One of the rational things I do is look to the flight attendants. If they are still up and serving drinks and stuff, I know all is well, and it's just a "bumpy road." If they are strapped in, I get more nervous. (and take another xanax.)

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