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    Default Hair for vow renewal...

    Just looking for some opinions.
    October 2nd we are renewing our vows for our 10year anniversary.

    This is our 12th trip to CSA and I braid my hair every single trip. Janet or Carol does it and it always looks amazing. I find it so much more comfortable as I overheat very easily.

    My dilemma is this - we are on the island for 4 days before the renewal and I am up in the air as to whether to have my hair braided before or after the ceremony. It is a renewal so I am not wearing a veil or head piece etc. Maybe just a few pretty flowers.

    Obviously I want it to look nice but at the same time, I've done the whole wedding thing and it is in Jamaica - so should I do what I do in Jamaica??

    What do you think??

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    If you have braided your hair 12 consecutive times why would you consider NOT braiding it ? Unless of course there is a couples by law that prohibits renewals while wearing braids.

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    It's your day, and whatever makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable is what you should do. I am getting married at CSA in 3 weeks and I went back and forth about how formal I wanted to be. Since this is my 1st wedding I didn't want to forego the gown, so I purchased a nice simple, strapless gown. I won't be wearing a veil or headpiece either. My service is at 10am so I don't want to pay to get my hair done since I plan on getting wet at some point later in the day. My one worry is wind. I'm not a froo-froo type and don't want an updo. I just don't want my hair wrapped around my face the whole time. Been practicing different styles here at home and I still can't decide. I think it'll be a day-of decision.
    Oh the things we woman have to worry about. If your husband is anything like my fiance he hasn't even given it a thought! Meanwhile we're posting for tips on the MB!!!

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