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    Default Books!!

    I am such a bookworm and whenever on vacation I go trough tons of books..
    Its not all I do, but when sunbathing on the beach its just great to have a book.

    I am wondering how many books to bring? I saw somewhere that there is a "library" at CSA. Will I find good books there or should I bring all the books myself?? That will for sure take up room in my suitcase, not to mention the weight issue..

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    The "library" at CSA is mostly composed of paper back books that were left behind as a donation to the library by past guests. The selection is quite varied though, for the most part, not very current. You can certainly find a good read, but you may not find exactly what you are looking for or hoping to read at that moment. How long are you there? Most folks that are beach readers, I among them, take a book or two that they wish to read during the week. I have seen the occasional hard core book worm take a half dozen or more, but you must consider the weight and space issue, as you mentioned. It will come down to your personal choice of how much space you are willing to devote to your books and if they will displace some other items you may want to pack. Also if you prefer hard cover or paper backs. Some people just like the feel of a hard cover book and refuse to settle for the soft covers. It really is up to you. The library will contain lots of classics and some popular current authors, though perhaps not their latest works. One more thought, you may find yourself not reading quite as much as you plan to, I know I didn't. There are lots of other things to do and I would find myself often simply dozing off as I read on the beach. Maybe you won't need as many books as you think. This is apparently your first visit to CSA so there will be lots of new distractions and things you will want to explore and experience on your initial trip. Believe me, a week goes by pretty fast down there.

    Have a great trip and enjoy your books too. You will love CSA!

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    Buy a Kindle. You can download as many books as you'd like, and it will take up very little room in your luggage.
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    I took like to read on vacation. CN did have books to take and/or exchange. If I bring paperbacks and have finished them, I leave them in the room. An Ipad or a Kindle would definitely solve the problem of space, but I still really like the feel and smell of a real book.

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    I always bring one or two... but I do most of that reading on the plane... I'll do some reading on the beach, too.

    As for SweptAway's library, yeah, they have some books, but I wouldn't call it a broad, or especially timely, selection.

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    Get a Nook...or Kindle, etc. I just got one a couple of months ago and have been busy loading it with lots of books for our upcoming trip in June.

    Sorry can't help you with the library question as I always bring my own...I have brought up to 15 paperbacks for a 8 day stay. I ran out of books on a cruise once and had to use their library and now I make sure that will never happen to me again. My husband is very excited that the suitcase will have much more room.

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    Default books......

    hello, i can not answer your question about the library. however, if you bring all the books you want to read you would have the type and quantity you desire. i would say recommend leaving them there, it will allow you the space/weight you will need for the gifts and souvenirs you will be bringing home with you. hope this helps, have a great and wonderful day. gerta

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    I also read a lot and pack a book a day and donate them to the resort library when I finish. CSA does have a lending library near the martini bar and it was well stocked last time we were there - March 2009.

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    I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but if read a lot, you should really think about a Kindle. I use mine all the time at home, but it's an absolute godsend for traveling. (A lot of people I know worried about it being like reading from a computer screen, but it really isn't like that at all. It's incredibly easy on the eyes and, in my opinion, for that reason better than, say, a multi-task product like an iPad.)

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I know I should get a kindle, but there is just something special about a book.. turning the pages in anticipation
    Also, I'm from norway and they are quite expensive here..

    I dont mind the book being outdated, as long as I have something to read on the beach.. When I was in Cyprus last year I read some pretty bad books from the hotel library, but it was better than not reading at all.
    I am staying for two weeks, so I guess I'll bring two or three and get the rest from CSA

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    As far as space in the luggage goes I can strongly recommend once you pack, take out at least 1/2 of the clothing you originally put in!!

    The past 20 trips I have always come back with at least 2/3rds of my clothing UNWORN! You will find that you live in your swimwear for the most part. Next year I WILL get 2 weeks worth in just one suitcase! That will include my snorkel mask, fins, and toiletries.

    I used to read 3 books a week. Now we go with a group, I have not read a book on the beach in 9 years. I do miss it!

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    Many posters have suggested the kindle (or similar e-book devices), and I would add that most "smart phones" such as the iphone, blackberry and droid can download the free kindle application. I was skeptical about the idea of an E-book, but I have found that it is very handy in these type of situations. I always have my iphone with me, so if i get stuck waiting in the dentist office... I will pull it out and read a few pages. It's definately not the same as a real book, but VERY handy in situations like yours.[/I]

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    I also don't like Kindles. I still want to read a book...bring some to read and leave them with your Housekeeper, they are greatly appreciated....

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    As a fellow bookworm, I buy cheap paperbacks over the year (our public library has an annual book sale that is usually a gold mine for me). I generally bring 4 or 5 for a 10 day stay, then leave them with the staff. I found that if I distribute them among my luggage, handbag and my BF's luggage, they weigh a lot less! We were at CSA last year and a lot of the books in their library were in German and French - unfortunately, I'm only fluent in English! I generally don't bring anything that will require a lot of attention, though, as the lure of the ocean, hummingbirds and sun generally distract my attention!!!

    Have a great time!!

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    I was a kindle naysayer until I got one this mother's day. It rocks. I really didn't expect to like it, but I LOVE it. It really feels like "reading." Plus, I normally bring 5 books with me for the week, and it was great not having to pack them. AND I got to decide what book I wanted to read next right then and there. (Free wireless delivery -- even in Jamaica. )

    In any case, the library is OK, but if you're looking for something other than popular fiction/romance/mysteries, bring your own. I recommend 4-5 books for the week. (At least that's what I typically go through.)

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    My son has an I-Touch and he is able to download books to read as well as audio books. That might be a consideration also. I like to read but sometimes in Jamaica I find that between the brightness of the sun and the alcohol, it's difficult.

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    My wife has taken her Kindle to Jamaica with us for our last 5 or 6 trips to Jamaica. She downloads plenty of books before we leave home though because it did not link up to download books while actually in Jamaica.
    Just as another way of dealing with this, I always take a small mp3 player with plenty of books from Audible on it. I find I can 'read' a book on the plane (when regular reading sometimes causes motion sickness for me), and I can 'read' a book on the beach without having to take my eyes off the amazing water and sky (or the eye candy going by).
    When we both used to bring books we always brought paperbacks and planned to leave them for staff or other guests to read.
    Good travels-

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    @roy - Where did you buy your kindle? (What country?) I have the new Kindle with International support (purchased in the U.S.) and had no trouble downloading books (for FREE) on the beach at CSA last week. (Boo )

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    My wife's Kindle is from here is the US. Hers is the original version and did not seem to want to link up in JA the first time she tried several years ago. It might work there now but since it didn't the first time she has always downloaded her books before leaving home and keeps the wireless turned off in JA. She has been very pleased with it but I am all about the audiobooks!

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    If you want an easy read that's arguably Jamaica-related, check out "Pirate Latitudes" by Michael Crichton (published posthumously).

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