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    Default Buying suntan lotion at CSA

    Some of us going to CSA this summer were going to bring only carry on bags this year and do not want to pack all those 3oz bottles. Does anybody know what kind of suntan lotion they have at the gift shop and how much it is?

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    They will have sunscreen. They will not have a large selection of either brands or spf. It will be expensive, two to three times what you will pay back home.

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    They have a decent selection, but you will pay about $20 a bottle.

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    Not sure aout CSA, but on a recent trip to CN, I paid $18.95 USD in the gift shop for a spray bottle...I would recommend bringing several bottles from home.

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    I realize this is the not the answer to your question, hopefully someone will have the exact answer you are looking for. I am just chiming in to share our way of dealing with this problem.
    We have traveled to Jamaica with only carry-on many times and back in the day, before the 3 ounce rule we each took a big bottle of whatever we needed. Nowadays we check a small bag on the way down with all the things we cannot take in carry-on (lotions, sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, etc). Then anything left over at the end of our stay we give way, leave for the room attendant, or throw away if it has no value. Then the bag we checked on the way down becomes a carry-on on the way home. We have found this method a lot easier and cheaper than buying sunblock in JA, plus my wife has the shampoo, conditioner, and lotion that she likes have since she is often not a big fan of what is stocked in the rooms at various resorts. Just something to consider.
    All the best-

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    Buy it before you leave for vacation and put it in your checked baggage, just seal it in double zip lock bags. A 6 oz bottle is almost 20.00 at the shop.

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    They have a variety, however they are extremely overpriced.

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    We were at CSA in December and had brought SPF 30 and realized that it was too much coverage (we wanted a little sun) so we bought some SPF 15 at the gift shop. It was Austrailian Gold (I think) and it was $26 USD!!!! I remember this because it was a complete shock and I just used it yesterday at the pool
    My advice, unless money is really no big deal...bring you own!

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    We always do the checked bag with 5-6 bottles of Panama Jack; spf 4/8/15/30 + oil. I was just curious as to what it would cost if I didn't bother. Our stuff fits into carry-ons easily, so we usually do a small carry on with swim suits and a checked one with the bulk of our clothes & shoes which is done solely for the lotion. it sounds like it is worth the $25 checked bag fee to bring our own.
    Thanks for the info everybody.

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    Spanky ~ You might not have a checked baggage fee. Several airlines do not charge fees for international flights. I know AA and Delta currently do not.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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