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    Default CTI June 2-10th 2011

    First timers going to CTI for our honeymoon. I know it's early, but I have never seen the ocean so, I am a bit excited. Anyone else going at this time?

    Brian and Christine
    Have swimsuit will travel!

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    Hit up the June 2010 board there are quite a few people that are going to be there in that time frame! It's a great place, our first time was last year and we're going back this year, you'll have so much fun!


    Kristin and Brian

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    Unfortunately Megan and I will not be able to make in back in 2011 because we will be traveling to attend my sisters wedding. I believe that Billy and Audra will be there during that time.

    Sorry we are not getting to meet you. You will have a blast. This will be our third trip June 3 - 13 2010. Our first trip to CTI was June 5, 2006. We went for our honeymoon and fell in love with CTI.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Best wishes on your upcomming wedding.


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    We'll be there. Booked a couple of weeks ago for June 4-14, 2011. We will talk more about it later, but first need to get through this year's trip on June 5-15.

    At any rate, congrats on the upcoming wedding and for your selection of CTI. I promise you that you will not be dissappointed.

    Talk to you soon,
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    June 3-10! Everyone thought we were crazy booking that far in advance but after a financial set back from a car accident, the only way we could go was to plan ahead.
    We went to CSS for our honeymoon in June 2008 and loved it. We were supposed to go to Couples Ocho Rios, but then it closed for renovations so we were moved to CSS. Now we finally get to go to CTI.

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