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    Default best rum drinks

    rather than learning by trial and error (although that can be fun!). what are the best rum and best vodka cocktails to ask for?

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    Different people have different tastes. I like the taste of straight alcohol, while others prefer sweet, sugary drinks. What I like wouldn't appeal to them, and vice versa.

    Ask to see the drink menu, and select something that appeals to you.
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    Wow Pam... my kinda gal!

    spurgec... do not fear the trial and error method. Just be sure to pace yourself.


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    I think you'll like the trial and error part - just like you said, it's fun trying all those creative concoctions.

    But if you need a jumpstart just to hit the ground running, two of our favorites were the Jamaica Smile and the Hummingbird, the latter of which may be the single most popular mixed drink of them all. Can't go wrong with either, altho keep in mind they are both quite foo-foo.

    You didn't say which side of the island you're staying. I only mention this because for some reason the Jamaica Smile, our personal fave, is not well known amongst the bartenders on the Negril side of the equation. We often had to explain how it's made ( a swirl of strawberry daquiri and pina colada, topped off with rum cream). In Ocho Rios, no problem mon, they all know the drink quite well.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    The Hummingbird has Rum-Cream and is our favorite way to start the day in the pool at Couples.

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    Go for the trial and error.....
    A couple of years ago, we caught one of those rainy days at CTI. We decided to sit at the bar and drink our way through the bar menu book. You remember those ole things, two drinks per page, cute little pictures, about 32 pages.......
    We made it through about 8 pages worth in the first hour. Then QUIT!!!!!
    It got to be too many sweet drinks and each one was a different color. I was afraid that when I went to the restroom, it was going to look like a rainbow of skittles if you know what I mean!

    Recently, we have gone to vodka, lemonade, and a splash of Grand Marnier. We also like vodka, diet 7-up, and fresh squeezed lime. Both are very light and refreshing.
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    Vodka Slushie!

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    Reggaesumfest, higher level, cool runnings

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    Miami Vice for the rum drink and vodka and Ting were a couple on my favorite list...The guys at the pool bar made me rum drinks one day and they were amazing but I have no clue what they were but that was a good thing...LOL

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