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    We are staying at CSA for a week in Dec, and booked a GHVS room. I read some threads recently about the expanded wireless throughout the resort and would like to change my room. Can I just call the 1-800 number and have them charge my CC the upgrade fee or should I go through my travel agent?

    Or is it even possible to upgrade and pay the difference once you are booked?


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    My understanding is that the wifi system at SweptAway is now nearly resort-wide. You may not need to do anything...

    Can anyone confirm? Oh yeah... I CAN... we arrive on Saturday!

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    Call your TA and have them do it, so you have documents and it's done properly - do it soon, as December is a busy month there.

    (Chris- I think they booked the Greathouse for the Wifi and now she wants to change knowing they can get WiFi all over)

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    We were there last May and stayed in a Garden Verandah Suite and were able to access the internet all week on our netbook.

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    We stayed in the GVS and picked up wifi without any problems on our netbook. Remember to get the username and psw from the front desk at check-in...otherwise you will have to call to get them. Speed was good too...impressed.

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    Since you originally booked through a TA, you have to make all changes through them as well.
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    We stayed at CSA at the end of December in a Garden room - lovely and the wireless gave us no issue. In fact, we loved our stay so much we are going back in Nov 2010 and staying the week and hopefully will renew our vows at this time.
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