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    we are planning our 2nd trip to CN and are planning to book by June 1. My question is should we book direct, use a travel agent or Delta vacations? Basically looking if any of these options will save a few $ over the others. Used a travel agent last year.

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    For a "few" bucks, I'd stay with something you're comfortable with. If its major bucks your looking to save, good luck... there are opportunities, but you have to dig deep, but do your homework and don't take chances with "iffy" online TA's... check their credentials.

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    You will get a better price booking your air and hotel package together than if you book them seperatly. That being said, why not use a travel agent. A good agent will be able to get the same, if not better price as Delta Vacations and they are there to help you with all the details, one big one is airline schedule changes! Yikes, don't get me started on that....

    Anyway, if you need a reccomendation email me personally and I can put you in touch with a good one.

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    The best answer is research, research, research. Then you can get quotes and present them to whoever you wish to book with. Most TAs and Couples will match prices with a legitimate quote.
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    Check out the travel websites I can't say what will come out cheaper but they are all worth comparing.

    I hope that helps a little

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    I have always used a travel agent...our 15th anniversary this year and we went for our honeymoon and every anniversary. I watch prices basically year round and when it seems they are dropping I call her to book, she at least matches what I'm seeing in the internet and sometimes even catches a better deal as often there are special rates for TA's on airfare or something. At the very least though I can get the same price and then I have a contact person in the event of a problem.

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