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    Hi all

    I will be at CSS in December, first time to Jamaica (and obviously Couples)

    Is there anything that i should make sure i see / do.

    I know there is a AN beach but i'm not sure i'm brave enough for that (us brits are a bit scared of stuff like that) but i do go topless, so is topless sunbathing allowed around the pools and on the normal beach?

    Going 4th till 14th December - is anyone going at that time, would be good to try and speak to people before we go so we have someone to chat to whilst there.

    we have a beachfront suit which hopefully is amazing.

    We are 28 and 31 - what is the average age there?


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    Topless is allowed on the main beach, but not at the pools.
    be sure to do some excusrions, there are included ones ( Dunns River Falls )and those you can plan on your own, the Tour Desk will help with that.
    You will see guests of all ages and it's easy enough to meet other people who want to socialize. Be sure to meet some of the Staff, they are the warmest people you will ever meet.

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    Hi you need to go on the meet up at couples board and youwill find a December thread. We are Brits but going in November.

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    Akin, we will be there for our 3rd trip to CSS from December 4-11. The first year we did the Dunns Falls trip. It was included, and we really enjoyed the climb up the falls. If you are going to do it though, be sure to bring swim shoes or old tennis shoes, as the rocks you climb on can be quite slippery. We also did the glass bottom boat trip, and that was interesting. Although, if you snorkle, that would be better. We don't snorkle because of my husbands lungs (he has COPD, and sometimes finds it hard to breath while snorkleing),but I've heard that that is a pretty good time. They also do the Scuba (but again we can't do that) that you might find interesting.

    I believe that there is an area on the "textile" beach that you can go topless, but if you get up the nerve to try SSB, we'll see you there. We love it. I was leary at first too, but once I got over there and tried it it was great and really freeing. If you are thinking about trying it, do it early in your stay, or you might be upset with yourselves later. Check out the section on this board for the AN area. You will learn a lot about the people, and the real feelings of the AN beaches.

    Welcome to Couples, and maybe we'll see you at CSS.

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