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    I was just wondering how many of you book your trip through Couples or utilize your own TA. I would imagine these "hot deals" advertised such as 'early escape' would result in better deals from other on-line agencies as well, correct?

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    We always book through Couples.

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    If you are asking whether to book through a TA or Couples, the best answer is to do your research. I always look for the best price I can find and then book. Couples will match any legitimate offer that you can find. You will just need to produce proof of the quote.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Any deals offered by Couples resorts including "Hot Deals" can be booked eiether directly thru Couples resorts or any Travel Agent. We book thru a Travel Agent and always get the best deal available at the time of booking

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    We always use a travel agent and she has always gotten us the same prices as what I can find when I'm searching on the internet. In fact, a few times she has gotten me better prices due to better airfare or other deals that are available to travel agents. I have never been in a situation where she couldn't at least match what I found myself. Using a travel agent gives me comfort in that I have a person to contact if anything at all goes wrong with the trip...a missed flight, an illness on vacation, need to cancel the trip altogether, any reason at all and I have a person to contact with questions or help resolving issues.

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    My husband & I booked our hotel stay directly with Couples and will airfare sometime next year. We r not leaving for CTI until 09/2011.

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