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    We have just booked our 2nd trip to CSA for December,,,We will fly from Philadelphia,,,on Air Jamaica,,what does everyone think about AJ or what ever new name its called being in operation in Dec?? What will happen if not available??

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    We're flying out of Phila in December also. I debated for quite awhile whether to take my chances with AJ/CA or to book US Air. In the end the 6am departure was just too tempting and we booked AJ/CA. I'm not sure what will happen if they stop the flight altogether, I "think" they'll try to get us on another airline. I'm a little more concerned that they'll change the time to later in the day. But.. as I said ,the early morning flight,PLUS 2 free checked bags made me take my chances. I also loved flying AJ in the past and I"m hopeig I can see Air Jamaica on my plane one more time.Silly.. huh? I did get trip insurance.
    I felt a little reassured when I read a post on here about AJ/CA calling someone to make sure they knew the flight was changed from the old 7:25 time to 6:00. Made me think they plan on keeping it. At least thats what I"m telling myself.

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    There are never guarantees in life, this situation seems particularly risky though. The fact that you are asking seems to indicate that you are aware of that fact. If the airline isn't in business at the time of your flight you will be left hunting a flight on another airline. If you booked with a travel agent you will at least have someone to help you find a flight, if not you will be on your own. The length of time before your departure date the flight gets cancelled would determine how easy or difficult it would be to find an alternative flight...the closer to departure the more difficult it will be. You never know, it might work out just fine though. Again, you are obviously concerned since you are asking.

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