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    Default Another question for CTI vets

    We are getting married at CTI. We are doing a Thursday - Thursday trip.

    I can't decide if I want to get married on the Saturday, or the Monday (these are the only 2 dates I am interested in).

    My fiance says to pick whichever day I want.

    These are my thoughts on each day:

    *very close to arrival date, not alot of time to make decisions
    *however, it will be nice to get it over and done with
    *the Gala dinner is that night, which I REALLY want to go to
    *But is this buffet really any different than the one that is on every other night at The Patio?
    *I want to wear my gown to dinner, and will more than likely look out of place at a buffet.

    *more time to get a tan
    *the Beach Buffet is that night...and from what I have read it is kind of cattle like, warm food, and also have to sit with many other couples at tables
    *The other dinner option is Bayside...I looked at the menu and nothing appeals to me as I don't really like that "type" of food...unless they had like terriyaki beef, and steamed rice (which I don't see on the menu)
    *I want to wear my gown to dinner, and will more than likely look out of place at the beach buffet, and am worried about bugs flying up my dress.

    Does anyone have any thoughts...something I may be missing?
    Once again, thanks for taking the time to provide input.

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    You have pros and cons as to each of those two days, so if your primary question here is which night's buffet dinner is better, then to me it's not even close: the Saturday night's version is much better in both quality and quantity than its Monday night beach counterpart.

    Not sure if that's the info you're seeking, but if it turned out to be the tiebreaker, then my vote would be to get hitched on Saturday, for not only the reasons you mentioned, but for the superior buffet. And they do a nice job of decorating the Patio for this occasion as well.

    Besides, you won't get any bugs up your wedding dress on Saturday.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I say that either day is fine. Couples will have planned everything in advance so, u want really need time to make any decisions. As far as dinner, maybe consider doing a private dinner on the beach with u and your sweetie. It will just be the couple and your server. Get the photographer to come take pictures of you both and u will still have on your gown. That's just a quick suggestion.

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    Both days are great as long as you in Jamaica 48 hours it is up to you.
    Irie Mon

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