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    Default Who is going to CN in August?

    My husband and I will be there for our 3rd trip, August 5-12.

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    Hey there!
    There's a ton of people going in August!
    Click on "Meet-up at Couples" and you will find us all!!

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    We will just miss you we are going for our 6th trip, but we are leaving on August 5th, will try hard to leave some drinks for you at the bar.

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    Default We'll be there too!

    Hi, My soon to be husband and I will be there celebrating our Honeymoon from the 9th-16th. See you there!

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    My wife and I will be there for the first time, Aug 12-18, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We can't wait!

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    My girlfriend and I are going Aug4-11 I believe - first time.

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    first timers, Aug 4-11th. can't wait.

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