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    Default CTI Activity Calendar

    Is the activity calendar posted online set in stone? I ask because I would love to do the Dunns River tour but the only day it's available when I'm visiting is the day of my wedding :-( If we had a group to go, would the hotel arrange a visit?
    CTI Aug 21, 2010

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    I don't know what you're looking at or how accurate the on-line activities list is, but according to the activities list on this web site for CTI, the Dunns River Falls excursion is offered every day but Friday.
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    You could probably arrange something through the tour desk, but there would most likely be a fee. In other words, it wouldn't be the "included" trip. The included trip goes several times during the week. Are you there only for a few days?

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    I remember them going several times each time we were there. The only days they didn't go were the days the Falls were closed.

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    Any excursion can be arranged - at your expense - while this trip is "Included" with your stay, I'm not sure that the schedule they follow can be changed based on guests availability -

    What time is your wedding? We were back from DRF by noon.

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    I think the Dunn's River trip is 6 days a week at 9:00 am

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    I'm only there for a short time :-( I arrive Thursday at 3pm, Friday is open, Saturday wedding activities begin at 10:30am and Sunday is check out :-(
    CTI Aug 21, 2010

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