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    Default Swimming w/ Dolphins?

    how much is it?? We are staying at CTI.. I am trying to figure out how much money to bring with us.. And I can not find the pricing on it... Is it worth it?? Thank you!

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    Default Swimming with the dolphins

    Hi there,

    We just returned from CSS and made time to swim with the dolphins. There are three different prices depending on how much interaction you choose to have with them. We chose the full swim ($235.00 each) and let us tell you it was totally worth it!

    I am not sure how we managed but we were the only two people with two dolphins! We did everything twice (the push and the pull) the trainers were more than happy to have us spend more time with them.
    **Just a suggestion - as you are booking maybe ask to see how many people are booked in with you, if it is too many at that time you may want to consider booking an alternate time**

    Yes it is expensive, but it was one of the most memorable times we had while we were there!

    Enjoy guys!!

    Alice and Sean

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    This is what I got from their site.

    Admission to Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios is about $15. For this, you get the opportunity to see bottlenose dolphins close-up. Once in the Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios park, you can purchase one of three packages to actually swim with these beautiful creatures: surely one of the best Ocho Rios activities.

    A "touch encounter" at Dolphin Cove Jamaica costs about $40, and lets you stroke a bottlenose. For about $90, you spend 30 minutes in the Dolphin Cove lagoon with a professional trainer and a bunch of extremely sociable dolphins. The most expensive experience is also the best. For about $160, visitors to Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios are lifted clear out of the water while grabbing on the dorsal fins of these water mammals. No other Ocho Rios activities will be as memorable.

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    A MUST DO. Worth every penny. Make sure you go on a day there are no cruise ships in port.

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