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    Default Paul & Erika - CSS 14th June

    Barring volcanic ash clouds, car bombs in NYC and civil war in Jamaica, we are flying into Jamaica from UK via New York [where our friends are getting married and honeymooning with us] on 9th June to be married at San Souci on 14th - fingers crossed all will be ok - can't wait!

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    I am sure all will be fine. have a great wedding and don't forget we are all dying to see and read about it!

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    Hi, I hope all goes well with everything. Me and my fiancee's date is 7-12-2010 and I am kind of nervous because of whats happening. Be safe and I hope you guys enjoy yourselfs

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    Yeah i am sure all will be ok. The media in the UK, especially Sky News, tend to make everything seem worse than it actually is. Holiday makers are still flying into Montego Bay unaffected, and i am sure the authorities are doing their best to ensure safety around the Montego Bay area.

    As i read elsewhere on the forums, Kingston is far away both emotionally and geographically from the north side. Would have been nice to see a cricket match though, but i don't think i'll risk it!

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