I am connecting through Philadelphia airport today (here now). Please note that there is some taxiway construction. If you are connecting through Philly on your way to Jamaica, do not even THINK of leaving less than an hour for your connection. It took our plane a full 15 minutes to taxi to the gate after landing because of congestion and avoiding the construction.

Check to see if you are flying a smaller regional jet or turboprop into Philly (this information will be listed on your flight confirmation). If you are, in most cases you will be arriving at the "F" concourse. Because you will most likely be connecting during the busy morning rush hour, add another 15 minutes to wait for a shuttle and then ride the shuttle to (most likely) the A concourse. If you are arriving at the B or C concourse, you will not need to take a shuttle to the A concourse, but it is still a long walk (there are moving sidewalks).

So, again, please make sure you have at least an hour layover in Philly if you have a connecting flight there on your way to Jamaica. On your return trip, leave at least 1 1/2 hours (I prefer 2 hours in Philly on a return international flight).