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    Default Customs question?

    2nd time to CSA in July but have a custom question. We had 2 options for flights to CSA- leave late in the day and get to Mobay around 6 and CSA around 7-8 pm (which waste a day) OR leave mid morning and be at CSA by 2Pm. We took the second option, BUT it has a short layover in Kingston. Where there currently are some issues

    Do we get off the plane in Kingston for customs and then fly on to Mobay. Or (hopefully) sit on the plane for a short time and go through customs in Mobay?

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    If they are anything like the US, you will be required to get off the plane at your first entry point into the country, but I don't know for sure if they have the same rule. You might be taking a puddle jumper over to MBJ, so you would definitely be getting off the plane. Sorry, I'm no help.
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    We had an Air Jamaica flight from Fort Lauderdale go through Kingston in February. We did not get off the plane and went through customs in MB. A few people got off at Kingston and we picked up some passengers but most of us got off at MB. It was kind of fun flying over the island to MoBay and only took about 20 minutes. I believe that the Norman Manley airport isn't very close to the city and I'm sure that by July everything will be under control.

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    "BUT it has a short layover in Kingston. Where there currently are some issues"

    That's almost 2 months away, and your safety at the airport, should not be a concern - even if it was tomorrow, there is plenty of security there and they're not going to endanger tourists.
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    personally I would not want to go to Kingston right now even if it is just at the airport. I would change the travel arrangments! Sorry just my opinion!

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    Airlines are adjusting flights right now and some flights scheduled for Kingston are being detoured to MBJ. The airlines will not land where any troubles are expected.

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