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    Default TimAir - Cash or Charge Card?

    If you decide at the last minute, say a day or two before, to take TimAir back to MoBay, does it give them enough time to have a plane ready, and can you put it on your Charge Card or do they only take cash?

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    We decided to book TimAir on our return trip from CN the day before leaving. The front desk staff helped us fax our credit card information to them and they had our favorite pilot, Curtis, waiting for us the next morning. We love TimAir!!


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    You pay at the counter and they take only Visa or MC, no Amex. They of course take cash as well.

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    Not sure about cash, but they do take Visa & Mastercard. They no longer accept Amex. I have no doubt they'll accommodate your return request.

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    As others have noted, they're likely to accommodate you, but be aware that there is some risk that they are fully booked.

    We have made return trip requests 2 days out and they were unable to book us - unless we went many hours earlier than desired.

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    You may want to contact TimAir directly and ask about their cancellation policy( ). You might be able to reserve a flight and cancel at the last minute. You don't pay any money when you make your reservation. You pay them when you get to their officce at the terminal. It couldn't hurt to ask. They have been fairly prompt in their email responses to me.
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    Anyone know what is the average rate for TimAir from Montego Bay to Negril for two passengers round trip?

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    You can contact Tim Air via their website and request a quote.
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    At last check (April 14, 2010) the TimAir prices for MBJ - NEG was US$107 per person one way and US$209 per person round trip.
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    For a flight to Ochi from MoBay, does the resort have a transport that goes there to pick you up as well?

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