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    Default Beware, brides to be!!!

    For any other bride to be who is trying to cut costs and buy a wedding dress online, DO NOT order a dress from the website I made the mistake of ordering a dress from them, and it has been a NIGHTMARE. First, when the dress didn't arrive when they told me it would, I contacted them via email (which is the ONLY contact information provided on their web site). They told me they had "lost" my order. The dress finally arrived a week later than I had originally been told. Then it was too big (I had given them the correct size, but it still didn't fit.) and was at least 8 inches too long. Also, although it looked similar to the dress shown on their web site, the dress I received was made from a different material than the one shown and did not fit or "hang" like the one I ordered. Their web site advertises an "unconditional guarantee," but when I contacted them to make arrangements to return the dress, I got a MAJOR run-around, and they refused to give me the address for returning the dress (There was NO return address on the shipping label and no invoice included in the package.). I found out after the fact that the dress was made in and shipped from China, but I have no idea where in China to return the dress to, and now I'm stuck with a dress that does not fit, is not the dress I ordered, is a dress I cannot wear, and they won't tell me where to send it back. Bottom line: Be VERY careful about where you order from if you're ordering a dress online, and DO NOT order from!!

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    Have you tried disputing the charge with your credit card company? At least then you would get your money back. I know my bank has always been extrememly helpful in situations such as this.

    Good luck, thanks for the warning, and I'm sorry you had to go through this! Us brides have ENOUGH to worry about...

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    Oh and I would contact the BBB...

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    They were very tricky and waited until AFTER the charge posted on my credit card and was paid before they sent the dress. That probably explains why it didn't arrive when they said it would. I also looked into reporting it to the BBB, but it looks like the BBB only has authority over companies in the US and Canada. I've looked, but I cannot find anything similar to the BBB for China. I'm going to contact my credit card company and see if they will let me dispute the charge anyway, since I would return the dress if the seller would tell me where to send it. Wish me luck!

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    I wish you all the luck in the world have you checked on e bay for dresses that's where I got mine and only sent $50 with shipping?

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    My Sister's MIL is a seamstress and has doen some amazing things for brides in despair. She hates to do wedding dresses, but she knows crisis issues come up and wants to see brides as beautiful as they can on thie wedding day. Bigger or more material is always easier then not enough.


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    I am sorry to hear about your experience and thanks for sharing. Wish you all the luck to find your perfect dress.

    I too ordered my dress online through a website from China and they were honest about not selling designer dresses. It didn't matter to me because I had my own design, just needed to find someone to make my dream dress within my budget. They had pictures of dresses that they made instead of the ones from wedding magazine/website, so I was able to look at their craftsmanship. They even sent me a pattern dress (my gown made in poor fabric just so I can see the design) to approve being making the actual one. There was also a timetable that they would update to let me know which stage of production my dress was in. They have also sent pictures of the finished dress and made alterations as requested.

    When brides order wedding gowns online, we have to assume the risks. Even if you buy a designer wedding gown for $6000, there is almost no chance that the dress will fit you off the rack. And no, designer stores do not include alterations either. So factor in alterations cost before you buy. My dress came and it was a tiny bit big, it could have been my inaccurate measurements or that I lost a bit of weight since ordering. Took my dress to a seamstress and it fit like a glove, even taking in an inch here and there will make a world of difference.

    There are a lot of scammers out there, but we can't deny there are also reputable sellers being able to provide quality products with prices impossible in the US. Learn about the manufacture, ask a lot of questions, do a lot of research and have the right expectations so there won't be any disappointment.

    I was hesitant to order online at first, so I went dress hunting in high-end designer stores and bridal boutique to check what to expect. I paid special attention to the labels and found 90% of them are made in China, even for the $6000 dress that I would have gotten otherwise. That sealed the deal for me, what is $300 when compared to $6000? I have decided to give it a try, if it doesn't work out, I would go back and buy the expensive dress. When the dress arrived, I was actually surprised by how well made the dress was and the quality of fabric was better than a lot of the ones that I have tried on in the stores. It was the FIRST time I didn't want to take my dress off after trying about 80 dresses. We used the money saved to spend a month in Europe for honeymoon.

    I was lucky enough to have such a good online gown buying experience and hope to share some pointers to future brides.

    1) Look carefully under FAQ - understand their policies and make sure you are comfortable with it

    2) Contact information - make sure they can be reached easily via email, phone, instant messenger

    3) Ask questions before you order - see how quick they response, are they honest? Do it through email so you will have written record

    4) Stay away if they only show dresses from magazine, not the ones that they made. Ask to see pictures of the actual dress.

    5) Check out BBB if they are based in the US. Stores outside the US would not be registered with BBB most likely, but at least Google it to see what comes up.

    6) If getting a dress from Ebay, stay away from the ones that sell the dress for $50 but charge $300 for shipping. According to the store/ebay policy, they are not responsible for refunding shipping cost.

    7) Go out to try on different styles of gowns. Pick the ones you like and take note of the fabric for each specific style. The fabric can make or break your dress. Experienced seamstress will know which fabric is used on which style, but better safe than sorry and request the one you want. Most wedding gowns are made in satin, organza, tulle, taffeta and chiffon. Go to your local fabric store to play with them.

    8) Buy your dress at least 6 months in advance so in case something goes wrong, you still have time to fix it.

    9) Find a good local seamstress and factor in the cost

    10) It may seems like a lot of work, but trust me hard work pays off at the end. Prevention is always better than damage control.

    That's all I can think of right now. Good luck everyone in finding your perfect dress!

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